Friday, 3 August 2012

Zakynthos 2012 Part Three - Out and About....

Hello my lovelies!! I've given up waiting for Mr G's laptop to be free to finish my holiday posts so I'm on my iPad and will just have to use the pics I have on here.

Whilst we were in Zakynthos they had something of a heat wave - the temperature topped 39 degrees for much of our stay and we were told by the locals that they rarely had more than day or so of temperatures that hot and then usually in August!!

Due to the heat we perhaps didn't take as many day trips as we might as even thought the car had air con, all we really wanted to do was stay by the pool and sea.

We did make a few trips though, we made our way a little further north, braving the hairpin mountain roads to Makris Gialos, a picturesque little cove:

This beach was completely different to the one near to our caravan which was gently shelving and you had to wade out for ages before it got deep enough to swim (great for little ones) - at the cove you went out about three feet and were neck deep!! It was much colder too, but that was kinda nice as the heat meant you could only sit on your sun bed (even under the brolly) for half hour before you needed to take a dip.

We did a bit of snorkelling, but although crystal clear there were surprisingly few fish. You could swim into some little caves but as I went in Mr G decided he didn't like the idea so wasn't coming in - I thought he was a bid wuss until he put the idea in my head that the roof might collapse!!

Another evening Mr G, W and I took a trip out to explore a bit further (Nannie and H stayed behind) - we aimed to check out a few of the other little coves, like this one:

W doing his Wallace and Grommit smile again!!
Mr G nearly put the three of us and the car over the cliff edge and into the cove as the car shot forward and he went "Ooops,mthat wasn't reverse"!!
The next stop along the cove was Xigia beach which has underwater springs rich in sulphur - its beautiful but a bit smelly!! We did stop and brave the steep steps down so we could take a dip:

The water was very cold and kind of milky, it's full of sulphur and collagen and supposed to be very good for your skin. W wasn't impressed with the smell though!!

On the way back be stopped at a lovely cafe bar for some dessert and a cocktail:

Another evening we took a trip to the lookout point to see the famous shipwreck beach, I'll have to pop that in another post though as I have no pics on the iPad of it and you must see them!!

Stayed tuned for the final installments of our hols, and then normal service will resume - going to try and blog more even if it is here on my iPad as I've leith things slide!!


S x


  1. Looks divine! Looking forward to next installment! Ada :)

  2. woweeeeeeeeeeeeee such an amazingly beautiful coastline xx stunning xx

  3. wonderful photos I have been here so I can truly imagine the yumminess of it all


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