Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Day 2011....

How was yours? I hope you had a really good day!! This was ours....

We went to bed late on Christmas Eve after waiting for the boys to go to sleep so we could drag W's present in from the garage - it was h-e-a-v-y:

W's present in the back - a full size 1980's arcade machine!!
H's to the side - his very own PC.

This was the first year that I had nothing to do with the boys presents as they were well and truly "Boy Stuff" and so Mr G sorted them.

Mr G bought all the bits to go with the arcade machine so it will run 5000 retro arcade games (W *loves* you have to put money in it - he has the key to the money drawer and uses the same 50p but has plans to charge all his friends!!) A lot of the games Mr G used to love in his youth and so it's lovely that W is so keen to play them too).

Mr G and H built the PC together today while I was playing with my present:

It's a Silver Viscount 9000e....

So far I am loving it!! It has 265 stitches including some really lovely decorative ones and 3 different alphabets. It's very easy to use too, I was a bit concerned that after my mechanical 21 stitch first machine it would be too much but so far it's very easy and intuitive to use and I've hardly had to look at the manual.

After a leisurely morning it was time to leave for the pub. My Sis and BIL had persuaded us all to eat out this year and despite misgivings we agreed:

Not very inspiring from the front....

But this is the view opposite....

Naturally we all had to pose on the wall:

Lots of pics were taken at the table:

W and E, my gorgeous little niece (who I am thrilled is just like Auntie Sarah in many ways!!)

Mr G and my lovely Mum (she's recently started following my blog after "not getting it" so I'm chuffed!!)

Mr G's Dad and Mum with a bit of my Stepdad in the foreground - didn't get a better pic I'm afraid....

Me in my sparkly frock and my brother-in-law - he and Sis have been together since they were 16 so I view him as a proper brother....

Gorgeous, glamorous (totally opposite to me!!) Sis and Mr G....

More comedy moustaches for Mr G (incidentally, my late beloved Granddad (whom H is named after) would wear one of these for the duration of Christmas dinner!!)

W, with my cheeky nephew A and H the other side....

Enjoying their own enormous cheeseboard!!

Despite not really fancying eating out for Christmas lunch it was rather enjoyable, the food was good (although the service was s-l-o-w, not enough staff we thought) and it was lovely to get up and walk away from all the mess after the meal!!

After lunch we adjourned to Sis's house just up the road for present opening:

Sis's house is the antithesis of ours, neutral and quiet minimal - nice and classy but far too plain for me!!

Isn't my Sis gorgeous? We're like chalk and cheese!!

BIL and A modelling the Christmas jumpers Nannie knit ( she says A's Fairisle was the worst thing she's ever knitted!!)

Sis modelling her lovely Nordic hat, scarf and mitts - bought this time, not handknitted.

I got some lovely presents, Sis got me some Cath Kidston flowery"Converse" type plimsolls among other things; Mum got me a Mason Pearson hairbrush which I am DELIGHTED about - I have wanted one for a-g-e-s but they are so expensive. It's FABULOUS, goes through my waist length hair sooooo easily!!

She was also very naughty and got me some CK gift vouchers, Kirstie Allsopp's "Craft" book and some other bits, as usual she spent too much!!
Mr G's parents got me some of my favourite Badedas bubble bath (last years Christmas bottle lasted until September and that's used daily!!) and some Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume.

After we all did well with our gifts (I really enjoyed watching my handmade things be opened, I must try and get pics of them so I can show you) we returned home in plenty of time for Eastenders and Downton Abbey (I love, love, love Downton!!)

Altogether it was a very successful day!! It's now my most detested part of the year - Boxing Day to the start of Spring - I struggle not get very down this time of year, I've always loathed it, middle of winter and such a anti-climax after Christmas. 

I will keep my chin up though and be thankful for all the things I am blessed with, especially my wonderful family....

I hope you all enjoyed yours as much, am looking forward to reading all about them....


S x


  1. What a great Christmas you had. That is one of my many things to do before I........... eat out on Christmas day!
    I have had my 'Mason Pearson' for too many years to remember, it was the best thing I ever bought!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. looks like you had a wonderful day, and you look just as gorgeous as your sister !
    have a wonderful new year and i will look forward to reading your blog in the coming year
    best wishes penny

  3. Loved reading your Christmas Day tale Sarah. Your sewing machine is a beauty!

  4. Looks like a great day,Sarah.I'm sriously considering Christmas lunch out next year,its such hard work and stressfull every year I do it for all the family and I get so nervous,I was nearly in tears at one point during the cooking.never mind,We had a great day after.LOVE your sewing machine,I'd love one too but wouldnt know where to start,any ideas? have a great week,lots of love,juliexxx

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks so much for your message, your Christmas day looked lovely too!

    I was so thrilled with my CK vouchers, I have saved half to spend in the outlet store not far from where I live...i love the outlet stores!!!

    I hope youre not too sad that January is looming, I totally feel your pain!

    Take care Sarah,

    Lexie x

  6. Happy Christmas. you look gorgeous in your sparkly frock. I think eating out us actually quite a good idea. glad you had fun. Happy new year too, well, we're nearly there... xxx

  7. I just wanted to say hello and thank you for popping over to my blog! Thanks for your lovely comment too :) I'm looking forward to having a good read here :)

    Jo x

  8. Love your sparkly frock and you are gorgeous too you know. Hope you are not putting yourself down as I will have to tell you off good and proper.
    Your Christmas looks awesome and I just read your other post with the mosaics. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
    And 80s arcade game thingy....HOW COOL.
    Happy New Year lovely PRETTY girl


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