Friday, 23 December 2011

Just Two More Sleeps....

I love, love, love Christmas, but every year without fail I start to feel wee bit depressed on Christmas Eve because it's nearly over and in anticipation of the time of year that I dislike the most - Boxing Day until about March!!

This year I started feeling festive very soon, right back in November and I suppose it was inevitable that I ran out of steam before the day itself, I'm feeling all a bit hummpffff today - you know so much to do, so little time and it's all going to be over in a flash.

I tried to make a last minute extra gift for my little niece and it was so fiddly it's never going to be done unless I work at it all day tomorrow, I'm fretting I've not bought my sister enough and have only finished one of the pair of mittens I'm doing her and am fretting that H & W who only have one very expensive present each will be disappointed because they don't have a huge pile. 

Anyway, enough of that - I thought I'd bore you show you a couple of photos I've taken in the last week or so.

On Monday I went to my friend Ashley's from Country Rose for lunch so I can now show you this gift I made for little Rose, Ashley's gorgeous baby girl:

Photo by Ashley as it's much better than my pic!!

The pattern was from the new Tone Finnanger book Tilda's Studio  and was really quick and easy to make up, one of those items that's a real pleasure to make (unlike the blooming topsy turvy doll I spent all afternoon trying to make today!!)

Ashley made me a notebook with a lovely patchwork cover which is pretty and practical, I shall keep it in my handbag for Very Important Notes.

The weather was vile so we had a nice afternoon sewing in ends on a lovely crochet blanket Ashley had made, nattering and eating chocolate brownies. A very pleasant way to pass a few hours.

On Tuesday we went Winchester and the town looked very pretty:

Arrrrgh, why does Blogger do that??!!

Mr G has had a cold so he stayed in feeling a but sorry for himself on Wednesday and I went to Asda with W to make a start on the Christmas food shopping and on Thursday we finished it off - we have lots of lovely treats (strictly to be opened Only On Christmas Eve). 

When we were kids we always had boxes of chocolates and other treats Mum had gathered over the weeks before Christmas and we weren't allowed to open them until Dad got home on Christmas Eve, he would finish at lunchtime and I remember we would wait eagerly for him to come home!!

Today we went with the boys and Grandma and Granddad to our local garden centre to look around the Christmas world and I got a lovely pic of the boys:

B***** Blogger!!

Even Milo has been feeling festive:

Don't forget to track Father Christmas with NORAD tomorrow!!


S x


  1. Happy Christmas Sarah. I love the elephant, it is gorgeous. I wanted to make one for Eliska for Christmas, but every time I tried to make it it looked wrong wwrong wrong. I am an idiot when it comes to patterns.
    I had my christmas dinner UK style today. It is actually Christmas day tomorrow here which is bizarre and everyone eats fish!!!
    Try not to get too stressed, the boy will be happy. I always worry about what I have got people and stuff, but just say sod it and have a lovely time. I bet you have got great presents for everyone. Anyone lots of love to you all and the apron I saw you made on Country Rose's blog was absolutely blinkin' amazing. xxx

  2. merry christmas xxxx i too feel that ive run out of steam...but im pushing myself to keep it together for the kiddies sake x

  3. dear sarah, you sewed a great elephant! your niece will love it.

  4. I shall be tracking Santa too........
    I know what you me about the build up to Christmas and although we had out Christmas at the end of November ( the day after was just like Boxing day!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx


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