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On This Day 2008 - Lapland....

On the 19th December 2008 we were treated, by Grandma (Mr G's Mum), to a day trip to Lapland.

We had to rise very early to be at Bournemouth airport for 5.00am and after a four hour flight descended over Lapland:

Having never even been skiing I filled up at the sight of the wonderful snowy scenery - tears were set to be a theme of the day for me (in a good way!!)

After getting changed into snowsuits, gloves and sturdy boots it was time to snuggle into reindeer skins in the sleighs:

The sleighs were pulled by snowmobiles and soon we whizzing over frozen lakes and admiring the most magical scenery:

At this time of year there is just four hours of half light in Lapland.

The "resort" we were to spend the day at was a very small, intimate one and there were not many people around which was perfect (I had been a tad concerned it would be terribly "commercial") - the only building was a log cabin that housed the shop and cafe:

Grandma with W (then 8yrs) and H (then 10yrs)

The whole day was really a-m-a-z-i-n-g and at times I was overcome with emotion. I must confess that I kept welling up because I am a h-u-g-e softy and I was rather overwhelmed to be doing something so magical with my little boys, Mr G and my lovely Mother-In-Law.

Each family had an appointment with Father Christmas and until it was out turn there was plenty to do:

Of course as well as all that there was lots of posing for photos:

                                       The snowsuits we were provided with were not the most flattering attire....

As everyone had the same suit it was a good thing I wore my furry earmuffs, which made me instantly recognisable!!

There were lots of these candles which as it got dark lit the way....

One of the first activities we tried was to ride on the dog sleds:

It wasn't long before it began to get dark:

Reindeer sleigh rides were next on the agenda:

Although the reindeer are very cute, they were really rather shifty and we were warned not to try and stroke them as they can be rather temperamental!!

After lunch it was our turn to take a sleigh ride across the frozen lake, following a path lit by lanterns to Father Christmas's cabin:

And at last we got to meet the Big Man:

As I watched my boys meet Father Christmas I really started to blub, it was just so magical and I couldn't contain my feelings!!:

Outside cabin on the way back to our awaiting sleigh I was crying so much I was doing the hiccuping thing that small children do and whispering "I loved it!!"

The rest of the afternoon was spent sledging, snowmobiling and making snow angels. Of course, there was hot chocolate too:

And we took time to sit in front of the outdoor fires to keep warm while the boys sledged:

At one point Mr G and I lay down on the snow to gaze into the clear skies in the hopes we might see the aurora Borealis - but unfortunately we we not quite that lucky.

Around 6.00pm coaches arrived to take us the short distance back to the airport for our flight home, it was the most amazing day - I would even go as far as to say that it was up there with our wedding day and the birth's of the boys.

I hope all your Christmas preparations are coming together, thanks loads for taking the time to read my very picture heavy post today!!


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  1. My goodness, that sounds magical. A friend of mine is going to Lapland for 4 days! IMAGINE.
    I'd have been blubbing like you. I find it magical.
    Off to look at your shabby chic Christmas tree now. x x x x

  2. sounds like an amazing day and such a lovely thing to be able to take children to x

  3. looks frosty, & blistering cold. sounds like you made some magical christmas memories! :)


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