Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Our 15th Wedding Anniversary....

Today's post is another trip down memory lane, so I hope you'll indulge me once more!!

On 20th December 1996 Mr G and I were married:

Gosh we look like babies....

The day started early because I just couldn't sleep, my sister had stayed over and we awoke to a grey, rainy day.

Soon, my Mum, Auntie and Cousin arrived and it was time to begin to get ready:

 My Mum creating a huge bouffant!!....

My cousin pinning my floral headdress in place....

Just about to go into the church:

Just married:

This photo is my favourite....

Christmas is my favourite time of year and we had a few festive touches including the red velvet bridesmaids dresses, holly, ivy & mistletoe in the flowers and photos in front of the Christmas tree:

Mr G's Dad; his brother; Mr G; our best man (he and Mr G have known each other since they were 8); our usher and my Dad :0(

My cousin; Me!!; My sister; J - who I babysat from when she was 2.

After a wonderful intimate wedding (just forty guests) we spent a couple of nights in the hotel. I didn't want to take my gorgeous dress off:

But somehow I was persuaded ;0):

We spent Christmas at home and then in the new year we honeymooned in Goa.

Back then I believe the average cost of a wedding was £11,000 but being thrifty folks we managed ours for £4500 including honeymoon, we did this by having a Friday, midwinter wedding and shopping in the sales. We had all the trimmings - Rolls Royces, sit down meal and evening disco but careful shopping made it a bargain!!

Today we went to the Christmas market in Winchester and a curry this evening, Mr G has man flu which has put a slight damper on things - we're hoping he's better for Christmas and no-one else gets it!!


S x


  1. congratulations on your 15 yrs! :) lovely photos.

  2. Happy Anniversary Sarah.
    Anne xx

  3. Lovely photos and lovely memories Sarah!

  4. Happy Anniversary, Sarah and thank you for sharing those pics. You looked stunning. Xx

  5. This is the most gorgeous post. How romantic. You can see the true love between you both and that's a very special thing.
    You look stunning, both of you.
    Congrats my darling
    x x x x x x xx

  6. Happy Anniversary Sarah and Mr G!
    This is a lovely post. :-)
    I'm glad it wasn't raining too much for you to go to the Christmas market, I hope Mr G recovers from his man flu..!

    Ashley xxx

  7. Aaah! Lovely pics!
    Happy anniversary for yesterday!
    Sorry Mr G has 'flu.

    Sandie xx

  8. gorgeous. What a beautiful bride. thank you for sharing. And Happy Anniversary!

    I was a winter bride too (9th December),and we did the same thing,had a week day wedding. Ours was a Thursday. It makes a HUGE difference to overall costs, as did making all of the flowers myself.

  9. you're such an adorable couple! many many many more happy sweet years bless you both xxxx

  10. Congratulations to you both,lovely piccies,xxx


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