Thursday, 15 December 2011

Lovely Linens & Comedy Moustaches....

Hello my dears,

I hope you are all well and not too stressed with Christmas preparations?

We are almost there with our Christmas shopping, just a few more bits to get and make and then the food shopping to do. Mr G is off from Tuesday next week until Jan 3rd (yay!!) and so we will do it together next week.

We are going out for Christmas dinner to a pub but we still like to have lots of treats and I'll cook a turkey crown as one of our favourites things is turkey and stuffing sandwiches.

Mr G has been lightening the mood here by modelling a selection of comedy moustaches:

I *really* fancy him wearing this one!!

He says that when he has no hair at all on his head he may indeed grow a 'tache to go with his goatee.

Mr G has me in hysterics everyday,  he makes me laugh so much and I fell truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband *gush alert*.

I won a lovely collection of vintage linens on eBay I want to show you:

I won them in two lots for just a few pounds....

I'm quite happy to just look at and stroke them as they are so pretty but I have been making something with a few, I can't show you yet as the recipient is a follower.

I've used a few around the house too, a couple on our bedroom windowsill, the cloth with the lilacs in my sewing room and this gorgeous runner in the bathroom:

It has little birds - I love birds on things!!

The embroidery is really exquisite, it's hard to tell the front from the back!!:

It makes me wonder who it was who spent so much time doing such perfect stitches....

I'm feeling a wee bit down today as a friend had a huge go at me after I thought I done the right thing regarding something (that sounds very intriguing but it's not even anything very interesting or important) - I'm a bit shocked and upset by the whole thing TBH.

Christmastime is often tricky for me with my anxiety/phobia/OCD so it's one thing I could have done without....

Still, I have you lovelies to chat too so that makes me feel a whole lot better.


S x


  1. Sarah how fab are the linens! Lucky you.
    Hope you perk up soon. I`m the same as you and get down if someone has a go, especially if you have done what you thought was right.
    Hope the anxiety stays under wraps and you enjoy a gorgeous Christmas! X

  2. Beautiful linens Sarah..your blog does really make me smile...x

  3. Oh Sarah, sorry to hear that you're feeling down. I hope the situation resolves itself.

    Fabulous linens. Do show what you do with them. xx

  4. Those linens are beautiful!

  5. Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit down, it's horrible to have a 'to do' with friends, hope it's all sorted soon x

  6. In the words of the Angry teenager, " Bug**r,Sh*t,P**s,Poo!" Sometimes I too feel I can't do right for wrong and yes, it knocks you for six doesn't it?
    Still, pick yourself up,dust yourself down and start all over again!
    Loving your Advent pressies by the way!Guessed no16 right...a boomerang! Just kidding! It is Gorgeous, too nice to cover up with a garment!
    I've only just opened it as it's nearly day 16 and I've got to be up early in the morning, which it nearly is! I'd better get to bed.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend,

    Sandie xx

  7. P.S love the linens too!
    I've got quite a collection going and will make some things from some of them that are a bit worn in places but, where the embroidery is still in good nick.
    Sandie xx

  8. Hi Sarah, what beautiful linens. You have a lovely style for your home. I laughed about you cooking the turkey crown - we are going out to lunch at a pub with friends on Christmas Day and she is also cooking a turkey as they love turkey sandwiches in the evening. Must be a Hampshire tradition! Hope things sort themselves out with your friend - no one should be down at Christmas. Loving the blog. Take care XXXXX

  9. It's so sweet how you talk about your marriage to Mr G, I hope to be having just as many laughs as you two when Ray and I are a few years down the line. :-)
    Those linens are gorgeous! What a bargain! I really love that cushion from the new CK book that is made up from lots of vintage linens.. Such a lovely way to re-use something that has obviously taken hours for someone to finish.
    I'm sorry your having trouble with a friend, not the best time of year for things like that... Well, your welcome to have a good rant and rave about it here on Monday if you feel the need! lol
    Ashley xxx


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