Wednesday, 7 December 2011


This morning I went to watch my little niece E (who is 5) in her nativity play. It was the first time I had seen her do one as usually my Mum goes with my sister but today she couldn't make it so I stepped in.

E had originally been asked to play Mary but she refused, wanting to be an angel as they are "prettier".

This made me chuckle as W had done something similar for his nativity back when he was 3 - they asked him to be Joseph but he insisted on playing the moon - he was first on and walked the length of the room carrying a big moon on a stick above his head, he was so tiny and so serious there wasn't a dry eye in the place.

E did make a very pretty angel:

I must confess I did shed a little tear when they sang "Away In A Manger", not least because my boys are too big for nativity now.

I've been busy this week Fugly To Fabulousing too, Mr G picked up two bits of furniture I was a bit dubious about but I should have had faith as they have turned out really well.

A TV cabinet:

And a little chest of drawers/bedside table, to which I gave the Union Jack treatment:

From a festive point of view I made some orange & clove pomanders:

These have not been an entire success, they smell absolutely gorgeous, so Christmassy and I have been enjoying them for a week but today they all have a bloom of white mould on them *shudder* - they reminded me of something and eventually it came to me, they look like ET when they find him unconscious in the river before he "dies" - he too has a white bloom on him!!

So not sure what went wrong there, surely they are supposed to last longer than a week? We can have oranges left in the fruit bowl to get far more elderly than that and they stay in OK shape (if a little shrivelled!!)

This afternoon, I also made my wreath:

For some bizzare reason, although I have rotated and saved this photo the right way up it will only show on it's side here on Blogger....

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, but am not sure the £4.50 I saved was worth the mess and the spiked hands....

I am panicking about Christmas shopping having only done a fraction of it, Mr G is sorting the kids out as they want all manner of PC/XBox/boy things so that leaves me with everything else to sort *frazzled*

How is your Christmas shopping coming on? Are you a super-organised-it's-all-done-and-wrapped girl? Or a leave-it-the-last-minute kinda gal?


S x


  1. Aww E looks adorable! :) We put our tree up last week and the smell of tinsel reminded me of the angel dress that my nan sewed for me when I was little :)
    I just have one more Christmas present to knit, but the rest are already wrapped and under the tree! Super organised for once!
    Ashley x
    ps. I LOVE you new banner!!!!

  2. Aww your little niece looks so sweet, I remember L being an angel when she was in reception class. She is to big for nativities now so they have a carol service but T will have his 1st nativity this year at pre-school. The furniture looks fab, especially the tv unit, reminded me yet again that i need to get a move on and paint the one i bought months ago. Love the wreath, blogger does that to me sometimes with the photos, no idea why! Take care, K xx ps, love your new banner at the top!

  3. sarah i don't know how you do all the things you do. funny clove ET white comparison. your niece is indeed a lovely angel. oh that moon story is precious. don't you wish you had photos of that? :)

  4. E looks very pretty indeed
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. So funny, made me chuckle. Missed you yesterday ... got a teapot with your name on it!!! See you soon, Claire xx


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