Monday, 12 December 2011

This Weekend....

Hello, my lovelies!!

I hope you have had a nice weekend?

On Saturday morning and went to an Annie Sloan painting workshop run by the little shop where I buy my paints. I learnt a few new things such as how to do a stipple effect with three colours; an "impasto" technique that gives an almost leather-like finish and gilding:

I did the class with my friend L:

It was a very pleasant way indeed to spend a morning.

On Saturday afternoon I spent virtually the whole afternoon on the Ancestry website having a go at researching our family tree. It's all a bit complicated as my Mum was adopted - I have done the main tree using my adopted grandparents as they are the ones that mean something to me. I did start another to try and follow the biological line but have hit a brick wall after just two generations - I've managed about 8 generations on the "proper" tree.

My paternal Granddad is Polish and so I hit a brick wall there too, as an utter novice at the genealogy thing, I have no clue how to research your tree if you are descended from another nationality.

So far I have just found the names of the ancestors (although there was a photo of my great-great-great grandfather) and next up is to try and find out more. Have any of you lovely ladies researched your family trees?

Yesterday was a lazy day really, we picked up a couple of bits for me to do the Fugly-To-Fabulous thing on and then just mooched at home.

What did you get up to this weekend? 


S x


  1. I would love to to our family tree too. Perhaps one day when I have time. My married name has a very unusual spelling so you would think that would be easy wouldn't you........mmmmmmmmmmm.....! My maiden name is a very common name!!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Hi Sarah, thank you very much for following my blog and for your lovely comment. I really like your posts and have added myself as a Follower. I am interested in you tracing family history, I am adopted. Thanks again, I hope the weather warms up over there soon, here we are in Autumn. Kind regards, Ann


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