Monday, 5 December 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas....

Gosh I've been a bit slack about blogging this last week so now I have to a huge post to catch up.

We've put the decorations up her at Shabby Chic HQ, when I say we, I mean that W and I started to put them up together, he lost interest after an hour and I did the rest myself whilst he complained he couldn't hear the XBox over my Michael Buble Christmas album!!

Now, I apologise in advance for the quality of the pics, my camera is really rather hopeless. I guess I could have had a new one for Christmas, but I was more keen on a fancy new sewing machine!!

The tree in the lounge:

With a lopsided star, why do they make them so heavy?

Next to the tree on the windowsill is the Nativity scene that my Mum knitted for us a couple of years ago - it was before I could knit, and even now I can I don't think I would have the patience:

Aren't they fab? My Stepdad even made them a stable....

We are hoping that Bear (one of our Tonkinese cats) is going to leave them alone as he is obsessed with wool and anything made of it (whatever the fibre) to the point where he was trying to drag my Mum's cardi off her.

He has also been hoolying around the trees in the manner of Simon's Cat - if you haven't seen the Christmas one (or indeed any of the Simon's Cat cartoons) do follow the link, they are hilarious, especially if you are a cat owner.

The "library" as we jokingly call it (it was the dining room before we had the conservatory along the back of the house and is now a bit of a none-room) looks all frosty and winter-white:

I collected fresh holly and ivy from the stables to decorate and also traipsed around the woods to find some sticks that Mr G spray painted antique white and gold for me to put them in a vase and I love, love, love them, I think they are going to have to stay after the festive season:

I'm thinking crocheted hearts for Valentines;  eggs for Easter;  flowers for summer, etc....

The snowflakes need starch really....

The tree in the conservatory is all blue and pink, but you can't really tell in this dreadful pic:

The dresser has had the treatment too:

I've also been inspired by (or is it I have just shamelessly copied?!!)  the lovely Vanessa over at Coco Rose Diaries and made some crochet covers for jars to create lovely votives:

And I have been making trees - a book page one:

 And one at my ceramics painting group (this starts out plain white bisque which you paint and it's then fired) - it's waiting for a light fitting and then the little bulbs will glow:

I've also been enjoying my Advent swap gifts from Sandie my favourite of which so far is this fab birdie paper garland:

In my sewing room so I can keep it up all year round (look at the condensation from the blummin' tumble dryer!!)

So, I think that is all I have to report for now - hope you all have a lovely week....


S x


  1. Your home looks gorgeous ,Sarah,love juliexxx

  2. sarah your home looks beautifully festive- LOVE IT XXXXXX

  3. Aww fab pics Sarah. I love looking at other peoples decorations.

  4. Wow. Amazing. I love your book page tree. xx

  5. that is one very precious knitted by your mother & stable by your stepfather nativity scene! sarah b. you are such a handy dandy queen of crafts. the tilted star makes me laugh.

  6. that garland is very pretty and your house is looking very Christmassy. My MIL has bought me the knitivity book this year so may have my own knitted nativity next year, will have to get the hubby to make me a stable x

  7. Your house looks amazing and festive! I love the knitted nativity scene. How awesome! The crochet jars look fab....they are addictive aren't they!


  8. Wow, your house is beautiful. You inspired me the other day and I now have pretty sparkly silver crochet yarn and I've downloaded some snowflake patterns so going to give it a go tonight. Fancy a go at those jamjar covers too as I also have sparkly gold and sparkly green!! Hurry back to ceramics, we miss you xxx


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