Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I've Joined The Annie Sloan Club - But I Hardly Dare Admit Something....

....*whispers* I'm yet to be convinced :-0

I hardly dare admit that as I am yet to find anyone in blogland that doesn't just love this paint. In fact it was the rave reviews of everyone that urged me to take the plunge and order some.

I have just painted one small item so far, so I am going to reserve complete judgement but so far I am a wee bit disappointed - Mr G says I fell for all the hype and it was bigged up to such an extent it never stood a chance!!

I ordered Old White, Duck Egg and a tin of clear wax. My Stepdad made me some rustic looking shelves to hold my trinkets in the bathroom and so I set about painting them.

First of all upon opening the duck egg blue I was surprised as it was very green, hardly a hint of blue at all and not like the duck egg our kitchen & conservatory are painted.

I had read reports that the paint was thick but I found it to be a nice consistency, highly pigmented and it went on really well. You can tell it's expensive paint from how it covers so nicely.

I painted the edges of the shelves with the duck egg. It dried really, really quickly to an extremely flat, velvety finish.

I then went over the whole piece in the Old White. It covered well and dried quickly.

Then came the bit I found disappointing, I had read that it was really easy to sand and distress but I must confess I found it no easier than regular emulsion - you still needed to use plenty of elbow grease and work up a sweat!! One thing I found a definite downside was the mess - as you sand it creates clouds of chalk dust which is not ideal when (due to Mr G filling the garage with his RC paraphernalia) you only have the house to paint in.

Then came the wax. Annie Sloan recommends using a wax brush, but at £29 each I settle for one rag to wipe on and one to buff - the wax did bring the finish up from a very flat one to a slight sheen but again I was just not loving it like everyone seems to. I had read reports of how smooth and professional a piece would look with wax, but again I couldn't see a whole lot of difference from regular emulsion.

Don't get me wrong, it looks nice and I am pleased with the result, but after painting lots of furniture with regular emulsion I thought the chalk paint was going to be a revelation and it's just (so far) not.

I will report back when I have painted another piece, I have a bedside table and a mirror to do as well as a couple of pieces I'd like to redo that are already painted.

Here's the finished resulted (which I love, but I think I could have achieved similar with the cheaper paint I usually use):

The new fabric for the dressing table has arrived too:

The stripes are a bit further apart than I had thought but the colour is much better, more duck egg:

I still can't do anything with it yet as although my sciatica is much improved, it still hurts a bit to sit for any length and generally aches and I am afraid of "running before I can walk" and making it worse again, despite the fact I am B-O-R-E-D-!!


S x

PS A couple of you have asked how I did my banner, it's a bit hard to answer as I did it in Photoshop - I don't really know how to use Photoshop, I just spent time playing with the photos I liked, resizing them and then copying and pasting onto a bigger "background" then added the text and border. It's a bit like saying I know how to drive to Gatwick but I couldn't direct you if you know what I mean?


  1. Sarah the shelves look amazing! You are som lucky to have someone to make things for you!
    I love the new fabric too!

  2. I've never actually heard of Annie Sloan paint.. I must be one step behind everyone else!

    GORGEOUS shelves though, they look amazing. There's a shop I love in Chichester with furniture that looks very similar to this and it's sooo expensive. So I think it's incredible that you can make something look just as good yourself..! Your very lucky to have a step-dad that will make you such lovely things..

    I don't think we have photoshop and I'm useless at computers, so I think I'll have to stick to my banner!

    Ashley xxx

  3. That's a really pretty shelf! I've never heard of Annie Sloan paint either, I've painted with Laura Ashley paint before (duck egg) and it went on very nicely and has lasted very well. But I don't paint that often, because I don't have the patience for it. Although after seeing lots of blogs with lots of nicely painted items on I may have to give it a go again!

  4. I don't really know much about Annie Sloan paints. Do you remember Jocasta innnes and paint magic? I remember that being such a massive hit in the early 90's for paint effects! Scumble glaze. I did succumb and it was horrid! Funny how tastes change.

    Love the shelves though, they do look lovely!


  5. I just heard about it on Modern Country. It is good to hear an honest review of it. I thought it sounded amazing too.
    Your shelves look great and it is nice to see more patchworkiness behind it too.

  6. Hello,

    Your project looks lovely! I have read that it is recommended to sand/distress after applying the wax. This will facilitate the sanding process, and minimize the chalk dust. Then finish with more wax. Deni

  7. The shelves look perfect! I have to admit though, I'm not interested in Annie Sloan paint either...give me regular emulsion and the occasional Laura Ashley tester pots any day! I don't think it's the paint that make the shelves so wonderful, it's your talent! Good job :)


  8. That looks just amazing- you are so clever!!

  9. I love how you have painted the shelves they look gorgeous and lovely vintagey colours too! Thanks for the lowdown on the Annie Sloan paint, will definitely bear your advice in mind if I ever come across any! Have a good week, Sarah x

  10. Your shelves look gorgeous (but I'm sure its down to your hard work over the paint brand any day!)

  11. Sarah, I'm SOOO glad to hear your sciatica is improving. Isn't nice to be able to do things after being in pain!
    I LOVE your shelves, such a pretty colour and looking fantastic against the wall.
    Looking forward to seeing the piece you work on.
    Anne xx

  12. Sorry the paint was not quite to your liking. That can be so hard, but your labors have paid off. I think your shelf looks fantastic! Beautiful color combos!

  13. Your shelves look amazing though! I am not familiar with the paint so I cannot help on that end. I hate when something isn't as nice as you hoped. Great fabric!
    xo Susan

  14. what a great flowered wallpaper! :) the shelves turned out very nice, as well. eager to see how you transform your new fabric.


  15. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog and for taking part in my giveaway! Love the way your shelves turned out. It looks beautiful! The fabric you chose for your dressing table looks very pretty as well. I am looking forward to see how it will look like once finished!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  16. Despite being a bugger to do, these shelves look gorgeous!
    And I love that fabric for hour dresser, too.
    Hope the sciatica improves- I'm desperate to see that baby made-over!!!


  17. I've been dying to have a proper read of this post but I have the lovely Kmmms staying with me so 've not kept up with my bloddies very well.

    I have painte a wardroe and a dresser in AS paint and I love it. Only reason why I love it is that I am a messy painter and it washes off everything easily! But yes I agree, very expensive and the colour palate is limited.

    Lovely new dresser fabric!

    Ta for the banner info, I have no clue about photoshop and I' just a bit nervy of having problems again but I am a little tired of the roses now.


  18. Great job on the shelf, love the color combo!

    To cut down on the dust, Annie recommends that you sand after you wax. You can also try sanding it before you wax by "sanding" it with a wet terry cloth rag. A lot less dust either way!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing at my Chalk Paint Party!


  19. I was told to distress with a damp cloth before waxing - works a treat!


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