Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Vintage Feedsack Fabric Hearts....

A while back I was lucky and won a giveaway over at Sal's Snippets, Sal sent me a lovely little pack of assorted 1930's feedsack fabric:

With it I have made this picture for our bedroom:

I used a template to cut out hearts, arranged them on some white linen-like fabric and blanket stitched around them before stretching it over a canvas.

I'm really pleased with it and very taken with the lovely fabrics, would love a stack of FQ's so I can make a quilt!! Thanks so much Sal!!

I have painted more furniture (!!) but I will spare you that for today as I am sure you are all bored to tears with it by now but if not I have made a page dedicated to all the transformations - Fugly To Fabulous which will be a permanent fixture in the menu bar above.

Thanks for all your wonderful comments, I can't tell you how much they mean to me - especially as I failed art and textiles miserably and have never been very good at anything, I still believe wholeheartedly if I can do it anyone can!!


S x

PS I'll sort out a tutorial for how to Cath Kidston up (as Mr G calls it!!) knobs in the next week or so....


  1. This is gorgeous! Would happily by something like this to go on my bedroom wall. :-)

    Ashley xxx

  2. Lovely pic art Sarah! Such a fab idea I may have to steal!

  3. That's gorgeous!
    And oddly enough, yesterday I was looking at something similar, but done with paper, and the hearts were made of maps!! It was super cute, and now that I have seen yours, I am even more inspired to find me some maps and try it!!
    Gorgeous work

  4. This is such a wonderful way to use the fabric bits! I am in the process of experimenting with yo-yo's. We shall see how that goes. Your hearts are the cutest!

  5. Another fab make from the Shabby Chic love shack! That is beautiful, well done you! Can't wait for the Fugly to Fabulous post/photos and the tutorial for CKing the doorknobs will be ace - you know I'll hassle you for it...

    Please will you come and visit me so that I can drag you round the charity shops and have you find bargains for me? I'll then get you to come over for another day and help me to makeover the furniture that we buy. I'd like that I would. :-) I'm not sure what expertise I could offer in return though.... ermmm, I'll think about it.

    Did I say in the last post how much I liked your lamp against the floral wallpaper? It keeps popping into my head as it was so pretty. I want to do something similar but I just can't do that mis-matching but co-ordinating fabric thing. I'm nervous of making a mistake.

    Nicki xx

  6. Oh I love your heart art, just beautiful. You may have failed at art and textiles in school but I suspect it wasn't from lack of talent, rather it wasn't the right time for you to excel. It makes the accomplishments now all the more sweeter, yes?!
    Have a wonderful day,
    Anne xx

  7. i quite like it as well!

  8. Gorgeous pic, Sarah. I've just enjoyed scrolling through your fuglies to fabulouses (great idea btw). The patchwork chair is to die for. Any chance of a tute on that at some point? Looking forward to the "CK" knobs tute. xx

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your before and afters. I can't believe how much spare time you must get when the kids are at school to do such wonderful things. You clever bird.
    Looks like your back recovered while I was away on hols.
    And def hold out for your Spring hols. That trip will come round very soon indeed.
    Really wish I had your flare for revamping but I don't have the time or the creativity.
    Have a lush evening
    x x

  10. I love what you've done!! Glad you enjoyed the fabrics.

    xxx ;-)

  11. I really love coming over to see what new things you've created or made over, you seem to just have a natural talent!



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