Friday, 26 August 2011

More Fugly To Fabulous....

I've been keeping this one as I thought you all be tired of my furniture painting obsession!!

We have a computer hideaway that we got off eBay a few years ago for £40 (it was originally Ikea and plain pine) - I painted it cream and it looked like this:

It was looking a little worse for wear so I gave it the Annie Sloan treatment - this time using Provence with a wash of Old White ( a little paint mixed with water, paint on and immediately wipe off), lightly distressed & then clear wax. I then changed the fabric behind the glass:

I love it!! I was a little "Wooooo it's a bit bright" before the wash of white but it looks really nice now.

We've had a really busy day today sorting out H & W's room and collecting a high sleeper. Tomorrow we have wardrobes to collect for the boys room and then a sideboard in the afternoon that will go next to the computer hideaway above.

So, lots more future painting opportunities!!

Have a lovely weekend!!


S x


  1. Ooh good work Sarah! I am loving the hideaway cupboard - do you know if Ikea still do them and what they are called?
    I picked up a piece of furniture recently which I'm planning on doing up, so am loving the inspiration here, thanks!

  2. it looks great! sarah, remember it's your blog so show whatever you want.

  3. What a great effect! Awesome job, Sarah!

  4. Love it! Another success! The colour is lovely and I really like the fabric you've used behind the glass. Looking forward to seeing the new bits and pieces.

    That's a pretty heart there too - did you make that?

    Nicki xx

  5. Beautiful makeover Sarah. You have the magic touch!!
    Anne xx

  6. Ooh, it's lovely! Such a lovely colour :)
    Ashley x

  7. Strong work! Looks wonderful! I saw your picture of it on "Shades of Amber". I wanted to leave a comment there too, but have nothing to show for it...yet. I just found a place here in the deep south, USA that carries ASCP!
    Thanks for listening (reading) I was "busting" to tell somebody!!


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