Monday, 29 August 2011

A Visit To Our Favourite Furniture Store....

We have had a super busy weekend!! 

H & W had a triple sleeper, we got it for them because when they had normal bunk-beds they would always end up sleeping together in the bottom bunk like a pile of puppies and as they got bigger it was such a squash got them a triple sleeper so they could at least sleep in a double bed.

Then this year they finally moved into their own beds and the triple sleeper went on eBay. So, we had to sort out their whole room as not only was the triple sold but we also picked up a new bed and wardrobes for them.

Of course this meant a big sort out, we got rid of loads of stuff and while we were at the tip we managed to pick up some bargains!! (Remember my sister tells her kids that the tip is Auntie Sarah's furniture shop?!!)

This cute little table that I am going to paint and sell:

And this was my most fabby find, I have been watching mirrors like this on eBay because I wanted one to go over our bed. The auctions have been ending on £40-£50 so way over budget.  And they had this at the tip for £8!!:

Can you believe someone just dumped this? It has a couple of chips in the frame but I used a bit of gold Rub And Buff and you can barely see them.

We also found this art deco sideboard, which I know looks a little uninspiring but you have to look past dark and dingy wood to the lines and shape of the piece:

Yesterday afternoon I put "The Sound Of Music" on the telly and painted it whilst I sang away (much to the boys disgust!!). 

Today, after waxing it, it's all finished:

This one is done in Annie Sloan's Duck Egg and Old White with clear and dark wax.

This furniture painting lark is becoming rather addictive!!

Hope you've all had nice weekends, we feel like we need another to recover!!

S x

PS I'm selling a painted sideboard on eBay, will add the link when I've done it....


  1. I so wish the tip in Chi was as good as your one sounds... there doesn't seem to be an area in our tip where you can pick up old furniture. Maybe I just haven't looked hard enough though..!

    Ashley xxx

  2. it's all so very sarah! i like seeing the process how it comes from one thing to another. i will be delighted to see how you use that lovely new mirror, too.

  3. Lovely work Sarah and I'm looking forward to seeing that little table have your magic lavished upon it. :) If you are interested, here is a link to a lady in Brisbane, Australia that does similar work to you. You might enjoy seeing her makeovers.
    Have a lovely day,
    Anne xx

  4. that sideboard looks amazing..the colours you've used really make it stand out..looks beautiful.. i love painting up furniture my hubby says im obsessed!!..
    really enjoying seeing all your makeovers keep em coming!!

  5. My word Sarah,
    Is there anything you CAN'T revamp??!! (try me first thing in the morning, now there's a challenge!!!)
    This is amazing and just looked at your previous post and love what you did there too (the one with the fabric behind the glass).
    I wouldn't have a clue what to do but now you are inspiring me. I have never ever painted anything in my life.
    We have an old chest of drawers, riddled with woodworm, in the garage.
    Firstly, would you bother doing anything with it if it had woodworm and if so, what do I do? Sand it down first??? It is dark brown wood like your above piece.
    Let me know how you do it as I think it's BRILL.
    And lastly, I didn't even know you could buy things at the tip!!!! Amazing. How did you find this out?
    x x xx

  6. Oh my, you are quite the furniture- transforming Goddess!!
    This looks amazing.
    Am going to have to investigate this Annie Sloan stuff- it looks amazing!

  7. WOW! You are already a professional furniture painter. Great work.
    xo Susan

  8. Hurrah, Sarah's fabulous furniture emporium! I love it. I am laughing at what your sister said. In the UK, I actually got stuff in skips and once found a little chest of drawers dumped in the road! We magpies find our treasures everywhere.
    You do have talent.The last piece is a gorgeous colour. xxx

  9. Love all your new pieces! The colors are beautiful. I love me some ascp! I would love to have to share your talents at my VIP party today.
    Have a great holiday weekend!

  10. wow I really am jealous of your mirror! I've been looking for one just like that, isn't it strange what people throw away!? xo

  11. thanks for your article


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