Monday, 22 August 2011

Watch The Birdie(s)...

Hello my lovely ladies, I hope you have all had a fabulous weekend?

We did nothing much, saw to the horses, had our regular Saturday movie night (Bad Teacher, Cameron Diaz is gorgeous and hilarious in it!!) and I did a bit of sewing:

I tried to find a template for the birds but couldn't so made one myself, traced it onto Bondaweb and then used some of my scrap fabric before machine embroidering around it - fortunately the scruffier the better!!

I then stretched it over an old canvas and have hung it in our room.

It's my birthday in just over a month so I have been trying to decide what to ask Mr Grumpy for. I keep coming back to these:

They are Dr Marten Triumph 1914's - look at those ribbon laces!! I would wear them with short dresses/long tunics and leggings or thick tights like Posy (which is where I first saw them).

I'm so indecisive though and a few things are putting me off - the price (£132) for one, and the fact I don't really go out that much, and the laces taking ages to do - would I not just sling my UGGs on? And my Mum has got me these for my birthday - do I need two pairs of boots?

If I didn't get them other things on my "list" are Annie Sloans Complete Furniture Painting Kit (2nd pic down)this Bush Retro Radio for my sewing room and perhaps some new earrings?

So, what would you go for - lush boots you love & couldn't afford yourself (but may not be worn that often) or multiple smaller items that you would use lots?

I'm Libran, I don't do decisions!!


S x


  1. Go for the boots!!!!! They are amazing and I ADORE DMs and have since I was 12! Utterly fab and they will last forever.
    You could wear lush dresses like Nancy from Oliver! and they will be great all winter.
    That picture of the birds is lushhhhhhhh. You are very clever. Gosh I wish I could sew sometimes, when I see things like that.
    Cuckoo sewed a beautiful picture of a teacup and saucer for KMMMS and that was only only other time I wished I could sew.
    But I just don't have the time. Too busy with the Prince and my writing, which is a hobby and a job!!
    Your weekend sounds fab.
    We watched 127 Days last week. Have you seen it? Very good.
    x x x x

  2. I do see what you mean re the laces though. I def love them though.....hmmmmmmmmmm.
    x x

  3. Hi, I am one of your newest followers. I love your blog. I really really love you style. This picture is amazing, I'm going to have to have a go myself xxx

  4. I'm a Libran too but I decided two weeks ago that those boots, in purple, will be mine very soon! I LOVE them. Go get 'em! x

  5. fab picture with fabric and sewn! ;0)x
    love the boots they defo would look great with a floaty skirt and tights in the autumn weather ;0)x

  6. Hhmmm... decisions on the boots. I'd like to think that I myself would go for the small things that would be used often.. but deep down, I know I'd choose the boots! Or the equivalent for myself anyway...

    The pictures of the birds is gorgeous. Again.. I'd love that on my wall! This has made me feel so so excited for when my freehand foot arrives in the post!

    Ashley xxxx

  7. Hi
    I'm your cupcake blog swap partner! Just so you know, my daughter has those boots and they zip up the back so don't worry about the laces...:)

    K xx

  8. How can you not get those boots now that you know they have zips at the back too?! Even more gorgeous with that detail, I reckon... Get them!! You never know, you might be able to afford that gorgeous little radio yourself sometime by selling a few bits on ebay or whatever. And perhaps the Annie Sloan kit could be justified to Mr Grumpy as an essential home improvements purchase rather than a birthday present? You see I have mucho experience at justifying purchases.... !!!

    Love the bird picture, very pretty. One day I want to be able to do this stuff. Now hurry up and do that fugly post... can't wait for it...

    Nicki xx

  9. BOOTS!
    They are lush!
    I know what you mean about having the smaller stuff, but really?
    Tee hee, enjoy choosing! I love a birthday!

  10. Your sewing is so sweet! I really love, love, love this motif. Your creativity is so inspiring!

  11. I love, love, love your bird picture. Just beautiful Sarah.
    Anne xx

  12. That birdie picture is fantastic Sarah, you're so talented!

    As to choices, if it were me getting a pressie. I'd be going for the smaller but variety of 'things I really wanted and would use alot' gifts.



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