Thursday, 25 August 2011

Today W and I Have Been Mostly Making.....

....a paper mache rhino head!!:

We actually started him on Tuesday after watching an episode of "Art Attack" which showed you how!! It was excellent fun (if a little messy) - I'm not sure who enjoyed it the most, me or W!!
Daisy (our JRT) was hilarious and kept growling at it until we let her have a good look at it!!

H & W did some more painting of their own while the paints were out and had a good time making flicky paint pictures. However, Mr G (who works from home) was none too impressed with the mess - they did manage to get paint all over but it just wiped up with a bit of Flash so personally I was happy to see them having fun.

I must confess this is one of the only sources of tension between me and Mr G. I am a lot more relaxed and patient with the children than him (which came as a huge surprise as I am not patient with anything else, and in all other things Mr G is so laidback he's horizontal!!)

Later in the evening Jasper (one of our Tonkinese) took up his usual position (which you can see below):

Last night Mr G was shirtless and when he got up he had black kitty paw prints all over his back and shoulders!! Transpires Jasper had walked all through H's drying masterpiece and left a trial of footprints from the kitchen to Mr G's back!!

He even looks a bit naughty in this picture:

Lastly today, I want to say thank you for all the kind comments about my creations, they really do make my day, particularly as I have never really been good at anything.
I hope I do not come across as a show off. When it comes to everything I can do I believe strongly that if I can make it anyone can. Most things have been learnt from books or online tutorials, I have found I am quite good at absorbing info and copying things!! 

What I hope is that posting my makes inspire you -  like so many of you (and others in Blogland) have inspired me....


S x


  1. Tee hee!
    This made me laugh! I love that Rhino - I hope he takes pride of place in W's bedroom!
    Very beautiful dresser he is stood in front of too, may I add.

  2. You are an inspiration, Sarah! I have so enjoyed watching your blog take flight and grow more lovely by the day. I think it awesome how creatively adventuresome you have become. Keep on shining!

  3. cool rhino head!

  4. you're defo not a show off and you are clever at being a mother and being very creative! never put yourself down lovely!!!! x
    LOVE the rhino head that really is fan-blooming-tastic!!!! wow!!!! you clever things!
    love teh sneaky peeks of your home in the back grounds of the piccys- it looks so lovely xxxx

  5. Oh my, did you actually make that - pretty impressive. Nothing at all like my 'Art Attack' attempts of the past!
    Nelly x

  6. Wow, a horny little devil.....
    Love it. I can't get on with papier mache. Tell me how to do it so I can wean the Princess off TV and computers a bit more!!!!!
    Very impressed. Hope your back is ok, is it all better?
    You do not come across as a show off. I love what you do and find you inspiring. So shuddup!
    x x

  7. Loving the rhino. We use to have that show out here years ago and I loved it. You would get so many ideas for fun things to do with the kids.
    I had a chuckle about your moggy leaving paw prints all over Mr G. Go kitty!!! :)
    Sarah you are not a show off. I love seeing what you are making and achieving. I know how exciting it is when you have done something or made something you didn't think you could. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us, it is indeed inspirational. It's a joy to see you loving what you do.
    Have a great weekend,
    Anne xx

  8. Love that Rhino!
    How cool is he? Can just imagine the fun you had creating him. It must be a bloke thing, Steve hates the mess as well, but all well worth it I think.

    I don't think you come across as a show off at all! I LOVE coming over to see what you're doing.

    Have to say I love that picture of Mr G and Jasper, it's brilliant!


  9. Loved reading about the black paw prints , you have a beautiful family ! Now following your gorgeous blog xx Ava


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