Friday, 5 August 2011

On This Day 23 Years Ago Our Story Began....

On the 5th August 1988 Mr G and I met for the first time - this picture above was taken on my 16th birthday 7 weeks later. Sigh, look how thin I was!! And how Mr G looked as though he belonged in a boy band!!

How times change:

Mr G and I got together using the time honoured method of "My friend fancies you" - my best friend Dawn and I used to frequent the local fairground (we lived in a seaside town that had a fair from Easter-Sept). 

Dawn and I would spend a lot of the time flirting with the boys and either getting them to take us on the beach road on their 50cc motorbikes or actually riding their bikes on our own.

It was while I was driving another boys bike that I caught sight of a motorcyclist coming along my side. He was wearing an open trials helmet and had the biggest, bluest, most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!! I thought "Oooh, I wonder if the rest of him is as gorgeous as those eyes".

It was. Swoon.

I sent Dawn (she knew him) to tell him I liked him and he took me along the beach on his bike, dropped me back at the fair and then left. 

He has since told me he was shy and terrified because I was gorgeous and a maneater (an unfounded accusation!!)!!
He had a summer job at the fair and Dawn and I went to see him the next day and arranged for him to come to my house whilst my parents were out with a bottle of cider!!

By the 10th August we were "going steady" (Dawn arranged that too!!) and the rest, as they say, is history....


S x - who still fancies Mr G as much today as I did when I first set eyes on him....


  1. Hello, I've been reading your blog for a little while but this is my first comment.
    How sweet! It's fantastic that you still fancy Mr G as much now as you did then! Good for you, mrs!
    And long may it continue!

  2. Aww Sarah that is so lovely!

  3. Awwww, thanks for sharing! And congrats!! :)
    Ashley x

  4. How cute you guys were. How fab to have met your man when you were so young. I was 27 when I met my rock and roll mate. Kissed far too many frogs during my search.

    You both still have the same happy smiles and that's what counts.

    Happy anniversary to you both.

  5. What a gorgeous story, it was like reading a novel, lovely how you both look so so happy still, congrats guys x x x x

  6. That is so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!
    And you both look so lovely and happy in both photos
    Happy first meeting anniversary

  7. What a lovely post. Happy anniversary!
    You both look as happy with one another today as you did back then.
    Thank you again for helping me with my banner! :-)

    Ashley xxx

  8. hello 1980's! :) that is a very sweet story.

  9. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You both look so happy and I love that photo of you from you younger days, you're both gorgeous. Have a lovely day.
    Anne xx

  10. How nice! Happy Anniversary!!! What a great photo of you too from 23 years ago and now today. Great memories for you both I am sure.
    xo Susan

  11. Many congratulations Sarah. I know that fair well too, it's just a fab place when you're in your teens. Very brave of you to share that first photo, you're both gorgeous. Lesley x

  12. Happy Anniversary to you both! I LOVE how you both got together, so sweet. I first laid eyes on Mr H when I was 15, but started dating at 17. We had an anniversary this week too, where does the time go?

    Have a super weekend


  13. Such a sweet story! Aw! <3 Congrats on your anniversary. Happy weekending!

    P.S. I am hosting my first blog giveaway in case you want to pop by and give it a look-see ;-)

  14. love it! I thought the bit at the bottom was an actual question (who still fancies Mr G?) and went back for a look!!! Thought it was a little bold!
    I keep meaning to put your blog on my sidebar - off to do that in a mo.
    meanwhile happy anniversary - aren't we lucky to have had so many happy years?
    fee x
    ps - bertha has been dressed! thanks for leaving a comment for GB

  15. Such a great story.
    Well done on 23 years.

  16. What a brilliant story Sarah and how lovely to see you both then and now looking equally as happy and as good together!

    Thanks so much for sharing.



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