Sunday, 14 August 2011

Tea Trolley Ta Dah!!

Hello all!!

I have spray painted the tea trolley that I got last week - it was a nightmare job, the spray paint was HOPELESS, and refused to spray for more than 20 seconds at a time and I had to keep taking the nozzle on and off until I was cursing it!!

I've also used some wallpaper samples leftover from the patchwork wall and Mod Podged them onto the trays - I'm not entirely happy with it as it has wrinkled a bit in places so I'll look out for some oil cloth I think to replace it in due course:

Apologies for pic quality, light is not good in our lounge

I've also been doing lots of painting with my Annie Sloan paint, I bought another shade on Friday - Provence and will reveal all tomorrow!!

In other news our youngest W (on the right, H is on the left):

....has gone on his holidays today with his friend R - he only left a couple of hours ago and I miss him already!! 

We really agonised over whether to let him go (they have gone camping in Dorset with R's whole family) because I knew I would worry the whole time he is away; will he be OK? Will he talk to strangers? Will he get swept away to sea?(!!) Will the parents drive carefully?

In the end I decided that I mustn't let my anxieties hold my boys back but I don't think I'll settle until he his back home in a whole weeks time!!

Things are not helped by the fact I got lost on a school camping holiday when I was his age (11yrs), my friend and I got separated from the group and we were lost all afternoon - I've since discovered that the beach we were lost on for much of it trying to find a way back was the one in Norfolk that is notorious for people being washed away!!

I must confess, I am struggling with the whole boys-growing-up thing, they seem to change before our very eyes now and I so miss them being tiny - I am feeling super broody much to Mr G's disgust!!

Anyway, enough "whittling" (as my Mum would say!!) for now!!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend....


S x


  1. The tray looks great Sarah!

  2. My mum whittles and worries too. He'll be fine, I'm sure he's a sensible lad :)
    I love your tea trolley! It's so cute! :D
    Ashley x

  3. I know exactly what you mean about them growing-up. We have three 26, 28, 30 where have those years gone.......? I also agonised them going away too, and middle one is off on his travels Australia with his partner and this mum secretly wishes he wasn't going, so nothing changes even when they are older!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Meant to say lovely trolly
    Julie xxxxx

  5. Hi Sarah, I love the tea trolly! So useful too... I'm sure your boys will be fine, it must be natural to feel like that a lot of the time, have a lovely rest of the weekend! Sarah x

  6. fantastic looking trays you did sarah. of course your boy is going to have a delightful time, & even if he doesn't, he'll have quite the adventure. isn't it part of a mum's job to worry? anyway, know that you & mr. g raised them the best way you could, that'll help, perhaps?

  7. awwww huni xx completely understand, feel the same way that worry of when they go stay away for nights- holidays!! oh my! i think a good mum does worry tho- i think its perfectly normal!...its that feeling you want to keep them with you- i feel it even with a young daughter- she has every other weekend with her dad and family- i worry about her getting lost or not being taken care of like i would- he's a good dad, but i just worry!!!!!...L*O*V*E YOUR TROLLY!!!!! its beautiful xxxxx

  8. Oh...Sarah, your boys are so handsome. Brings back lovely memories of my two boys at that age (28/30 now).

    Of course you worry, it's what we Mom's do and it NEVER stops, so just know that you are normal.

    Love your little cart...well done!

    janet xox

  9. The tea tray turned out beautifully, S! You are so creative! =)

  10. OH Sarah, the tray looks fabulous. I love the patchwork idea a lot. I agree with Janet, it's normal to worry. I'm sure he'll have a fabulous time and all will be well.

  11. Your tray is gorgeous Sarah. Mmmm.....letting go of kids, it's so hard. I hope you have a good week despite you little fella being away.
    Anne xx

  12. Loving the trolly dolly action!
    It looks so sweet.
    Bless you for missing your boy- it's a mum-thing. Dads don't quite worry in the same way as us, do they?
    Enjoy your week.

  13. Hi Sarah, I do know how you feel about letting go and missing your boys. When mine go away I spend the whole time doing something special for them - add something to their room or make them something nice for when they get back. It helps to pass the time and it gives me an extra something to look forward to when they return. Maybe you could do the same?
    Oh yes, I do like your tray too!

  14. You always make such a great job of these makeovers Sarah! It looks fab. :)

    I'm so with you on the boys growing up thing. It's hard!



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