Saturday, 26 November 2011

At Last - Cath Kidston Floor Tile Ta Dah!!

It's been two months since we had them delivered but finally the Cath Kidston tiles are down in the bathroom and I can do the Ta Dah!!:

I must confess I was a teeny bit unsure about them to begin with as they are really Rather Busy, but now they are all cleaned of glue I am really liking them.

It took so long to get them down as when we removed the lino ready for the floor man to do when he did the laminate back at the beginning of October we found the sink had been leaking and we had to let the chipboard floor dry out. 

After it had dried the floor man began to give us the run-around for weeks and we got the impression he would really rather not do it . Mr G was then meant to sort someone out to do it and he was typically lackadaisical about it until I came home and it was done!!

Mr G had done it himself!! He hadn't told me he planned on doing it as he knew I would stop him - he is known as Bodge It B***ett (our surname) and I wasn't going to knowingly let him loose on £200 of CK tiles.

But my misgivings were completely unfounded and he has done a fantastic job!!

Now a little review of them for you:

The tiles are ordered from Harvey Maria and cost £39.99 per pack (which does 1.115 square metres). You need to order the special adhesive too, which is £15.95.

The tiles are large rectangles, which measure 30.5cm x 45.7cm. They feel very good quality and are  thick, not floppy. The underside of the tiles are grey/black and the flowered side has a slight grainy texture.

With regards to fitting, Mr G has never fit a tile in his life and has done an excellent job. He Googled for tips on how to cut around for the loo and so on. He says they cut really nicely using a Stanley knife and a metal ruler. It took him about four hours and the only caveat is he was knee deep in the glue!! You spread it with a supplied tool (like a cake icing spatula) but the clean up was easy.

If you have traditional floorboards in your bathroom you will need to put ply down first as otherwise you get all the lines from the boards showing over time. We had chipboard already.

I know a lot of you wanted to know what these tiles look like in a "real" bathroom - the overall finish is very nice and I am really pleased with them,  my only niggle being that you can see the lines where the tiles join rather more than I expected (on the CK website you can barely see a join, which is a bit daft given they're tiles):

So there you have it - I get my tiles down and Mr G earns LOTS of Brownie Points!!

Hope you're having a good weekend....


S x


  1. your mr. g is a wonder! how romantically sweet. they look superb. :)

  2. OH MY GOD. Gorgeous. Send some pics to an interiors mag, this bathroom belongs in the pages of one. The joins look fine to me, like you say, they are tiles. I am totally in love with the wallpaper and little shelf too. Beautiful. xxx

  3. The tiles look wonderful,love your bathroom, juliexxx

  4. Oh very swish and pretty. You have divine taste. Once I find a home, I must get in touch re your tips and advice!!!
    Hope you have a lush long bath and admire the hard work.
    x x x x x x x x

  5. Do they have to be grouted once laid is that a special one too? It looks lovely.

  6. Ah bless Mr G!A job well done! Saving you loads of money no doubt!
    You'll have to give hime something out of your advent swap when it arrives, probably tomorrow!


    Sandie xx

  7. BIG SIGH (why cant my hubby do that!) I am so green with envy-that is too cute, and lovely, and sweet...its adorable. You are one lucky lady.

  8. Hi,I have just discovered your blog and love it! And I love the CK tiles! I didn't know tiles were available. They look just super and what a clever hubby you have for putting them down so neatly. lovely bathroom!

  9. I have just ordered the white version of these tiles and hubby says he will lay them before Christmas. We have vinyl just now can they be laid on top of that?


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