Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Like Mother, Like Son; A Pretty Table and Cath Kidston Redeem Themselves....

Hello my lovelies!! I hope your week is going OK?

I've been busy making things for the advent swap I've signed up for as I have to post next week so have been frantically knitting/sewing/crocheting!! I can't even show you as I don't want to spoil the surprise for my partner.

I did have some company the other evening:

How could I refuse when W asked if he could sew something? He made a case for his phone and now wants to help me make felt Christmas decorations - maybe he'll get hooked and become a famous fashion designer?!!

I've also finished a pretty little demi-lune table:

If I had anywhere for it go I'd keep this one as I really love the shape and I've done it in one of my fave Annie Sloan combos "Old White" and "Paris Grey". It's for sale here on eBay....

My friend L and I are booked to do an Annie Sloan painting workshop in December so I am looking forward to learning new techniques, although I am pretty confident with painting & distressing I want to learn how to do a crackle finish, gilding and decoupage - my decoupage always looks pants!!

Following my battle with Cath Kidston over the cracked mugs they have sent me five new ones:

 - it only took 6 weeks of wrangling before they gave in so although it was a case of "better late than never" they have redeemed themselves somewhat!!

Mr G has had to into the office today (he works from home 99% of the time) and I am really missing him!! We do spend virtually 24/7 together and I hate it when he's not around, I guess we're lucky as I know a lot of people wouldn't cope with being together constantly - he has his Man Cave (the garage) and I have my Girl Cave (sewing room) which helps I think. 

Catch up again soon....


S x


  1. The table is lovely, you did a great job.

    I miss my other half when he is at work too!

  2. The mugs really are not good are they. Mine generally don't last long at all but I do buy more. Good for you for complaining and sticking with it. I phoned once and said that one had cracked and they just said it was wear and tear and I accepted it. Maybe I should have been more tenacious like you and I could have got replacements.

  3. Look at that face! Bless! What a little sweetie!
    It is great being creative. Also, he won't end up like Roman ho once asked me to sew a button on for him. I mean, come on lad!
    I like what he is making there. It must be really inspiring seeing Mum being creative and he'll have nice meories of it too.
    Glad Cath pulled her finger out. She charges enough! xxx

  4. I love your table Sarah and I'm sure your workshop will be fun.
    How nice to see one of your boys joining you in the sewing room. He looks like a lovely lad with the cheeky smile.
    Good to hear you received replacement mugs too. There's nothing worse that buying what you believe should be a quality product only to be disappointed.
    Have a great day,
    Anne xx

  5. I've been busy busy busy with the advent swap too but I'm almost done!! I actually think I've made an extra thing by mistake so I need to decided whther to join it up with something else or to save it for a family christmas present.. hhmm.. The other thing is that I've wrapped everything up before taking ANY photo's.. so I'm Really hoping my partner takes a couple for me! All that time and effort... :(

    I'm SO jealous of your sewing room!! One day I may get one... one day! I don't think I could cope if Ray worked from home, he just distracts me somehow and I never seem to get any housework done!

    Ashley xxx

  6. That's so lovely missing your other half, I'm glad to get a bit of peace sometimes (he generally does 3 days a week working at home) but i miss him when he goes away overnight. The table is lush, I love all the furniture you paint, i have some pieces that need doing for our family room 're-furb' but having the time and energy is just not happening at he moment. Bless you boy wanting to make something, lovely to have them shwow an interest. My eldest wants me to teach her to crochet but shes left handed and i dont know where to start! K xx

  7. There's something massively addictive about making things out of felt. Maybe W will start with a case and Christmas decorations and then take over the world! The table is a lovely shape, very beautiful.

  8. My daughter sometimes helps me ,but usually gets bored after a bit and goes off to do something else more interesting ,but love it when she does help xx

  9. Ha Ha!
    I scanned the pic, just incase I could spot something that might be for me! Yes, as a kid i used to look for the christmas presents too, along with my little brother!
    Wouldn't it be great if your Boy wonderful turned out to be a famous designer? He's definately got potential!!

    Have a great weekend coming up,

    Sandie xx

  10. Love the little table,so pretty,juliexxx

  11. aww your boy, & his mom sewing together.! :)


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