Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Miscellany of Photos....

This post is a mish mash of photos I've taken recently that I keep forgetting to show you, so here goes!!

I treated myself to a lovely vintage eiderdown from eBay:

I have wanted one for ages but didn't know whether one would go with the patchwork but in the end decided to go for it.

It's a wee bit less pink and more peach than it looked in the listing, but I love it anyway (please try and ignore Jasper who thought I was taking pics of him!!) - it's very plump and lovely to snuggle under:

Another recent vintage find is this lovely Christmas tablecloth:

 Look at the perfect, tiny blanket stitch someone has used to hand appliqué:

Am I peculiar because it makes me a little sad that all this hard work ended up in a charity shop for a mere £3.00?

I bought some freezer paper an have been playing making stencils to paint on fabric:

I had a go at the Yorkshire pudding recipe from Kirstie's Handmade Britain:

I made bigos, which is the Polish national dish - my Dad used to make this and I found a recipe here - it was just how I remember it tasting. 

I always joke that you have to have a bit of eastern European blood (my Granddad is Polish) to like these Polish foods as Mr G is never keen (he's not keen on gherkins, rye bread, Polish farmers sausage or dark chocolate covered gingerbread, all things I love), but he liked this one!!:

Excitingly, my new sewing machine arrived this morning, Mr G has got it for me for Christmas but he refuses to let me have it early - he wouldn't even let me have a peep at it!! What a meanie!!


S x


  1. i feel like my tummys rumbling...yummers!! x
    i love your bed, i saw an eiderdown just like that on ebay but they always rocket in price- very popular ;0)x

  2. What a lovely cat! (And eiderdown) so glad you have this cat as I was so sad reading your earlier post.

  3. Ooh I want to be Jasper, rolling around on your bed. Hang on, that sounds weird. Hopefully you know what I mean.
    Hang on, think I missed a post re a cat, seeing Jill's message.........
    Going to read.......

  4. Wow! Your new eiderdown is beautiful, love it!

    Those yorkshires are Amazing!!

    Ashley xxx

  5. No, not at all peculiar, it is sad - but at the same time I am glad that you were able to get it for such a bargain price!

  6. My dad was Polish but I've never had bigos. Must rectify immediately! Love your eiderdown.

  7. The eiderdown is lovely, i love that your cat is posing for the camera! The yorkshires looks yummy, i do love a good roast, its always tense making yorkshires though, will they rise/wont they?!. I've never tried polish food before, I'll have to give it a go i think, Hubby has been there and he loved the food. K xx

  8. loving you new eiderdown,really pretty is your lovely blog wich I'm now following xx Manda xx

  9. gorgeous gorgeous cosy bed xx


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