Friday, 4 November 2011

Where Has This Week Gone?

Hello, my lovelies - hope you've had a good week? Hasn't it just f-l-o-w-n by? 

It's Mr G's 40th birthday next week so we are feeling a bit old at the moment!! It really is quite scary how as you get older the time seems to go quicker and quicker.

I haven't really got a whole lot to report, been doing a bit of this and that. Went out with my Sis, had a day at a friends and what not.

I am still enjoying my dahlias (I am shamelessly copying Vanessa over at one of my fave blogs Coco Rose Diaries and using the fab Hipstamatic iPhone app for the pics):

It has been my first time growing dahlias and the bulbs (tubers?) cost £1 each from Wilkinsons - I started them on the windowsill and they went out following the last frost and the four plants have given me a jam jar of flowers constantly from July until now!! All for £4!!

So my sweet peas may have let me down this year but my dahlias have made me smile for weeks and weeks.

Another thing that has made me smile is that I managed to persuade Mr G to buy me a fancy schmancy new sewing machine for Christmas, so I am chuffed - although I couldn't persuade him to let me have it early!!

What's been making you smile?


S x


  1. Hi Sarah,
    A new sewing machine for Christmas, that is certainly something to look forward to and smile about! :)
    Your dahlias are beautiful.
    I'm smiling because the sun is shining and I can get the washing dry on the line today. I'm also smiling because it's weekend and means I get to see more of my hubby.
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Anne xx

  2. Oooohh very exciting about the sewing machine! I look forward to seeing a photo after you receive it..! :-)
    Happy Birthday to Mr G... I think time flies by quickly as soon as you have children..
    I downloaded that app for the iPhone aswell, there are probably hundreds of us doing the same..!

    Ashley xxx

  3. Ha ha........I LOVE hipstamatic so much..........and your dahlias look stunning! I love dahlias, they are such a proud, 'look at me' kind of flower. Happy little souls.

    Oh how fab for the new sewing machine! I bet you cannot wait for christmas to come! I still have to make friends with mine.......I did make a lining for a bag the other week and was mighty impressed that I managed to pulled it off!

    What's making me smile? My mother-in-law and brther-in-law visited last night. I made stew which I cooked all day and the house smelt all homely. We ate stew and chatted until really late and then we have had a lazy coffee morning, with bacon butties and carried ont he chatter and it's great and relaxing!

    Have a super weekend!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Lucky new having a new sewing machine for christmas,whats making me smile is christmas creeping up and seing all the shops now with christmassy things in ooooh cant wait xx


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