Monday, 7 November 2011

It's Official!! My First Baby.... now a fraction of an inch taller than me!!:

Excuse the quality, low light!!

How did that happen? H is almost 13 and 1/2 and grows out of clothes in a few weeks - the meerkat t-shirt was bought in the summer hols, it's a man's medium and was a bit big when we got it.

He's a typical teenager, thinks he knows everything and that me and Mr G are fools and just here to make life difficult for him. He's very clever and wants to be a games designer (don't they all these days? Is that the new astronaut?!!) 

He and W still call us Mummy and Daddy - I refuse to answer to "mum" (although I will when they have friends round) when we are alone or with family it's Mummy. My Mum always called her dad "Daddy" and I hope my boys will do the same. 

In other news, I've been having a battle with Cath Kidston - my sister bought me a set of their "Crush" mugs for Christmas, when she received them one was broken and after she complained (twice) they sent two in replacement so I ended up with a set of seven.

Soon after we started using them they began to get hairline cracks and over the months they have broken or started to leak. So I decided to complain.

It took CK customer services almost a month to get back to me and they have said they are almost a year old so basically (not in so many words) tough. They also claim mine is the first complaint of this nature they have received - despite their being at least four reviews on the CK website to the contrary!!

I am not happy with them, it's so disappointing that a company whose products I love so much is so cavalier when it comes to customer service, not least in the time it takes to respond to emails.

The thing is I can't even boycott them because I love the products so much - they have me over a barrel!!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend? I've spent today painting furniture - a lovely Regency sideboard and a demi lune table - will have pics for you later in the week....


S x


  1. It must be a rather strange feeling when your 'baby' over takes you on the height front. This year has already gone so quickly, I'm sure Rose will grow up so so fast.. :-(

    How annoying about CK, they probably arent that bothered if one person is unhappy because they know they'll still make millions from all the other CK fans. I have one of her mugs, but so far it's looking good..!

    Looking forward to seeing the painted furniture.. Are we still on for lunch tomorrow?

    Ashley xxx

  2. I will not buy anything from Cath Kidston. I think it is a total rip off. There are plenty other lovely fabrics that are not instantly recognisable as CK. And they are much cheaper. You transform so beautifully - make a stand! No more CK.

  3. oooh, no more CK? controversial!
    I think the service deteriorated when she sold it - too big now.
    My #1 is about half an inch behind me - but revels in re-measuring on a regular basis. And yes - he too thinks I am a fool and here to make life difficult. (which I will, and will revel in!!!)
    fee x

  4. Hello chickadee. Ta for your visit to my blog. Don't worry about missing posts, 'tis easy to do in blogland hen there are so many. Your comments cheered me up, as I have had the wobbles a bit after recent events.
    Bless your boy, he does look sweet, which is probably hat he would hate people to say, but he does. I also like that you are still, 'Mummy,' so cute.
    I think the Cath K attitude is a bit shocking. The quality doesn't sound good. I love the patterns, but I am sometimes put off by the prices.
    I thought the same about the model in the Tilda book, girl or woman? Quite bizarre.
    I still say Baboushka dolls. I ended up saying Matroyskas as I heard it here.
    It snows here a lot, almost all winter, like you said. It gets VERY cold though. But it is very beautiful. The summer is sometimes hot for me and everyone here is tanned, so I stand out like milk bottle coloured sore thumb! I like the cosiness of winter. I think I have Nordic ancestry.
    I think I should stop harping on now. Hope you haven't nodded off. xxx

  5. its very scary isn't it when your children grow taller than you I hav two who have over taken me now and another one on her way I bought some boots with heels which I usually never wear to compensate for this .
    I know what you mean about poor quality in some of the CK stuff I have two dresses which are falling apart at the seems and they are from last autumns collection I'm just glad I didn't pay full price for them.
    cant wait to see your furniture make overs
    xx fee

  6. Hi Sarah, it is funny when our children grow taller than us. My son was 6' at 15 and by the time he was 18 he was a whooping 6'5"! Fortunately that's where he stopped. CK are clearly making too much money to worry about customer service, such a shame as you are such a fan. Make a stand and boycott them, there's lots of other fabulous stuff out there. Lesley x

  7. I bought a cowboy ck mug earlier this year which i loved until it too developed a hairline crack!! I was so disappointed after hearing ur story i don't think i will be bothered complaining. Or buying a new one sadly!


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