Tuesday, 22 November 2011

An Early "Alternative" Christmas....

Hello all - hope you've all had a good weekend?

Ever since my Dad and Stepmum got together we have had "alternative" Christmas day with them when get together and have all the trimmings.

Last year was the first without Dad :0 ( after we lost him to cancer in June 2009 and so I hosted it. Stepmum is moving in a few weeks so this year we had to have it early - yesterday and as I wanted to see Dad's house once more before it was sold she hosted it at hers.

I have a little brother J who is just eight ( I am 31 years older than him!!):

 Why do I have a dodgy left eye in so many pics??!!

Look how much J looks like Dad did:

Spooky, eh?!!

H and W with their Uncle J, lol!!:

W and Uncle J played on the laptop together:

While H slept most of the day, he was off school with a cough and cold all last week and then on Friday was up all night with earache - Saturday morning it was oozing all manner of gunk (sorry TMI) - out of hours GP said painkillers and take him in to be checked after the weekend:

Yesterday, I took H to the GP and after the nurse looked in it she said he has a perforated eardrum, so he has had to have some anitbiotics. It's the yellow pencillin liquid and OMG, one whiff of it and I am about five years old!! Smells are so evocative!!

After taking these pics I was rubbish and forgot to get any of the lovely Kirstie Allsopp sewing box Stepmum got me or the fab shabby chic frame set my Stepgranny got me or a proper one of the chunky jumper Mr G got:

Hiding his "chins" (his word!!) behind his new knitwear....

We had Christmas dinner with lashings of sausagemeat stuffing (my fave!!) and warm chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate custards, mmmmmmmmmm....

I was a little sad as I looked around the house knowing that it would be the last time we were there, we spent a lot of time there with Dad when he was ill and so it was odd to know the next time we visited Stepmum and J the house would have nothing to do with Dad. 

However, I understand why Stepmum needs to sell the house, as it was not long after they moved there that Dad became ill and so the majority of the memories tied to the house are for Stepmum not so good ones. 

I confess I did shed a few tears as we drove away....


S x


  1. Wow, J is the spit of your dad in that pic. Glad you had a good day albeit one with mixed emotions. xx

  2. awwwwwww that was really special- bet she enjoyed that so much, happy memories to share for the future. it was hard seeing my nanny n gramps house for the last time, soooo many childhood memories- my mum wanted to buy it to keep it in the family- but we all live so far from london it wouldnt have worked out ;0(...x

  3. Crikey Sarah - I cannot believe that old photo of your Dad next to J - unbelievable!!! Had a great day with you all. Hope H is feeling better now. Lots of Love - Stepmum!

  4. hey Sarah - sounds like it's been a difficult time - but that you've handled it all admirably. I can't believe you have an 8 year old brother - funny! (and SO, SO like his Dad!)
    fee x

  5. Memories 'ey?

    Go on Mr G, show us yer chins! LOL!

    Sarah, please email your address to me so that I can post your parcel on Thursday, my best opportunity to post it in time for DEC 1st.


    Sandie xx

  6. of course you cried. who wouldn't? your little brother looks just like your dad. :)

  7. Your little brother is the image of your Dad, funny to think that he's technically 'Uncle' to your boys. Hope H is ok now, a perforated eardrum sounds nasty, poor thing. I'm glad you enjoyed your early xmas with your family and received some lovely presents by the sound of it, is it the Kirstie sewing box from M&S? I've had my eye on that one! Hint, hint to M lol

    K xx

  8. I love the idea of the alternative Christmas- what a great idea!!
    I now exactly what you mean about feeling sentimental about houses, I felt so sentimental about my grandparents house I bought it when my Grandma died, and live in nit now. I often think about selling and moving, as we have some very noisy awful people across the road, but I feel way too sentimental about the place to ever follow through !!
    And you're right- your little bro looks just like your Dad!!!

  9. Ace idea. I get stressed on Christmas day and here we have to have carp, which I find yuk, so I may nick this idea.
    It must be a nice way to remember your Dad. Mine died two years ago and I still find it hard. You are bound to shed a tear or two but I adve thing too.
    Little bruv does look like your Dad. What a cutie.
    I love your flowery background. Is it new. I am abit dizzy so maybe it has been that way for ages. xxx


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