Friday, 11 November 2011

The Big Four-Oh....

Mr G is the big 4-0 tomorrow so he and I are off for the weekend. 

Here we are not long after we first met (on my 16th birthday) - so it seems impossible that we are now 40 (well he is, I'm 10mths younger!!):


We're not going anywhere exciting as money is tight this close to Christmas, I saved the tokens from The Telegraph for a cheap deal and the only vacancies this weekend were Farnham!! Still, I've heard it's pretty and there's an antiques centre.

We've all chipped in and bought Mr G a Tag Hueur watch which he has always wanted, so that is packed and ready to give him tomorrow.

Grandma and Granddad are coming to house/animal/baby sit and it'll be nice to just have some time to ourselves, even if it is in a somewhat impersonal businessman's hotel!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, will see you after with pics....


S x


  1. Oh wow have a lush time!!! That is SUCH a lush pic!!!! Cant do the maths, what year was that?
    You both look fab, pretty and handsome.
    I love how you've kept your hair long after all that time.
    Have a fab time away. You have each other, it will be paradise where ever you stay.
    x x x x x x

  2. have a lovely time- your such a sweet couple ;0)xx

  3. Oooooh Farnham is a nice little town. I worked there for 12 years and was there yesterday too! There's the Bourne Mill Antiques house by the Shepherd and Flock roundabout (havn't been there for a while but building is lovely), but my favourite one that I always go to is the Packhouse, about 3 minutes drive from Bourne Mill on the A31 Hogs Back. You would love it i'm sure!!!!!!

    Have a super weekend and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Hubster!!!!!


  4. What a lovely photo - have a lovely time. Bet he will love his new watch. I have one and I love it - lots - i never take it off.

  5. happy 40 mr. g! fun to see your old photos.

  6. Happy birthday Mr G!

    Sandie xx

  7. happy birthday - it's fab to be 40!
    hope you had a super dooooper weekend
    fee x


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