Monday, 14 November 2011

Our Weekend Away....

Hello dear readers!! I hope you all had a nice weekend?

We had a lovely one, it was Mr G's 40th birthday on Saturday so on Friday we left sans children for a relaxing weekend away. 

Money is always tight this close to Christmas and so I had collected the tokens that appeared a few weeks ago in the Telegraph and got the hotel for £20 per night. This did mean though we ended up in Farnham which wasn't perhaps my first choice for a romantic weekend but just the fact I had Mr G all to myself made it wonderful - when we have a weekend away together like this we fall in love all over again....

It was the smallest hotel room ever:

This is all I could fit in it was so tiny, there was only 8" between the right side of the bed and the wall!!

Still it was clean and comfortable, if a little cramped and who's complaining for £40 for the weekend?

We arrived at lunchtime on Friday and found a lovely little Chinese restaurant that did and all-you-can-eat banquet - you basically ordered whatever you liked and as long as you ate it all you could then order more - Mr G was in his element. 

On Friday afternoon Mr G persuaded me to let him have his watch "So I can enjoy it ALL weekend" - he said. He was thrilled to bits with it:

Vintage Tag Hueur, bought by me, Mr G's parents and my Mum....

That night we went into Camberley to the pictures and saw "Contagion" - these virus disaster movies alway terrify me with my health anxiety but strangely I really enjoy them!!

On Saturday we had a lazy day and went along to Bourne Mill Antiques for a mooch around, it's the most amazing higgledy-piggledy old building:

It has antiques and bric-a-brac literally piled into the rafters:

I was good an although tempted by many baskets of vintage embroidered cloths and other lovelies, good sense (and lack of funds) prevailed.

We then decided to have a nip around Guildford Cathedral - I should be saying here that we wanted to go and experience the spirituality of the church (and I do love churches and their peace) but sheepishly I must confess we have always been a bit fascinated with it as it features in a scene in one of our favourite horror (we love horror!!) movies "The Omen", so naturally we had to take a shot of it the way you see it in the film:

It was built in 1931 and the bricks were made of the clay dug out of the hill for the foundations....

 Inside you would be forgiven for thinking the Cathedral was much more ancient....

We lit a candle for my late Dad and my Uncle who is poorly....

As an agnostic I really wish I could find true faith, as I feel it must be such a great comfort and I hope that one day something will "click" and I will suddenly just believe completely....

We returned to the hotel and went for a swim in the hotel pool which was unfortunately full of children (my tolerance for other children when I am without my own is embarrassingly low!!) so we adjourned back to the room for a snooze before nipping out for a curry later on.

Most embarassingly (but perhaps fittingly for a birthday that makes you both feel a bit old) we were in bed (both with our spectacles perched on the ends of our noses) in time to watch the end of the X-Factor - how rock and roll are we?!!

Yesterday we pootled home late morning and stopped at the Devil's Punch Bowl for breakfast (which we gobbled before I could take a pic!!):

 With more chins than a Chinese phone book and my Willy Wonka sunnies....

Gorgeous autumn colours....

We were welcomed home by the boys, animals and CAKE:

Happy birthday my darling Mr G - here's hoping with all my heart for another 40 (at least?!!)....


S x


  1. Really glad you had a lovely weekend. A happy belated birthday to Mr G. Gosh that cake looks YUMMY! xx

  2. Am so envious of your phenominal clevage (sp?) you lucky cowbag!

    What a lovely weekend you had. It's wonderful being able to spend time with the Mr isn't it?


  3. lovely post! love the colour and pattern on your dress ;0) you look lovely! bet your the best pressie mr G could ask for ;0)x
    love all the vintagey loveliness ;0)xx
    what a wonderful birthday trip x ooooh and cakeys x

  4. Glad you and Mr G had a good weekend away and Mr G had a good Birthday! Just spending time without the kids is a treat in itself!

    Bourne Mill is a fab building isn't it!

    We went to the Devils Punch Bowl last month, only we walked all the way to the bottom of it. Not great when you have a tired 4 year old who refuses to walk all the way back up it! I'd much rather stay and admire the views from the top!

    The Cathedral looks pretty on the inside, but it looks scary from the outside....I can see why they used it in the Omen. I graduated in that Cathedral many.....many moons ago!

    Have a super week!

    Vanessa xxxxxxx

  5. I wish I could have had such a lovely weekend away! Thank you for sharing it.

  6. Mr G looks so utterly happy and I love your glasses (ok and dress and bag too!!!)
    So the room was small. It didn't matter in the end did it?
    At the end of the day, love is all you need. If you have deep love, nothing else matters!
    So glad you had a lush weekend!
    x x x x x

  7. What a lovely weekend you had with your hubby who looks very happy indeed. That watch looks very impressive.
    Anne xx

  8. what fun! who made that yummy looking cake, what flavor was it?

  9. Cor! That was some weekend!
    You soppy thing, I had tears in MY eyes reading,"We fall in love all over again." !
    He's only a Spring Chicken yet!

    Have a lovely week,

    Sandie xx

  10. looks like you had a lovely weekend x

  11. Well, Sarah, you look like it was a lovely weekend away. Sometimes, it's nice to enjoy things that are almost on our doorstep. XX


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