Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Bad At Choosing Colours and Other Ponderings....

Hello my lovelies!! I hope you are all well?

Today I received some yarn I ordered as I would like to make a granny square blanket - making a blanket like this poses two problems for me - firstly I get bored very easily and have never yet crocheted anything larger than a cardi.

And secondly, I seem to be quite bad at choosing colours. More often than not I will start crocheting something and decide I hate the colours - I just can't seem to do the lovely random colour thing that I admire so much in crochet.

So, I had a plan - I decided to order yarn in shades of one of my favourite CK prints:

The shop I ordered the yarn from had a shopping basket in which you could see all the shades  you had added and they looked pretty good together so I eagerly awaited their arrival:

And in reality they don't look good together at all >:0(

Do you think without the neon pale pink they'd be better? Or should I ditch the blue on the bottom far right too? Vanessa - your crochet always looks fab, what do you think?

This is the granny square I want to do:

From Ravelry

But I'd like to either join them with white or have the outer rounds done with white to make the middles pop.

And do I do truly random? Or organised random? Decisions, decisions, not good for a Libra!!

Yesterday we had a visit from Ashley at Country Rose - she doesn't live too far away and having all the same interests we thought it would be nice to meet in person. It was as though we had known each other ages and we had a lovely afternoon with lots of crafty chat and cheesecake (I finished the rest after dinner Ashley, I am officially A. Pig.)

Ashley brought her gorgeous daughter Rose with her and it has done me no good at all, making me incredibly broody - even Mr G confesses to a tiny twinge of broodiness as Rose is so sweet!!

Today I have had my hair done - no pics as I am make-up less and would scare the horses but it's lovely to get rid of the grey stripe I get in the front!! 

Mr G is 40 on Saturday and so we are feeling our age but a recent quote I found on the fabulous Pinterest has helped me to put things in perspective:


S x

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  1. Good. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has problems in colours looking right together! I await replies and advice with great interest!

  2. That is a great post and very thought provoking re Mr G's birthday. We are truly blessed. I have a work colleague dying from cancer at the mo, my GP friend lost a patient to cancer today and I feel very rich from life itself.
    LOVE the wool, I am crap at what goes well but I think the wool looks fab.
    Wish I knew how to do those granny squares....ho hum. Wish I lived near by too. How lush to have met Ashley and Rose! Did you get pics together?
    Thanks for your kind post on my blog when I was sad re having to move on.
    x x x

  3. I think you should start crocheting and you may be quite surprised at how lovely the squares will look especially if you join them with white. I love crocheting with Stylecraft but ended up getting a color chart so that I could see the true colors together. Oh by the way I have popped over from Ashleys (Country Rose)
    x Sandi

  4. Hummmm, yarn colours are a difficult thing...and a very individual thing at that. You have picked out the colours well from your CK print, but for me, there is one that I would take out and replace......and it's not the neon pink...or the light blue! ha ha!

    I would replace the middle pink in your photo. It's funny, because I have that shade and I love it, but every time I put in in a batch of colours to make a project, I always take it back out again! I feel it always seems to pull the other shades down. That's just me perhaps because I like my colours to pop a little, and for me, that shade doesn't pop like all the others do in that photo. I would replace it with a shade of pink that is in between the two pinks still but more pinky and brighter. I can see it in my head looking at the photo on screen and for me, it instantly becomes the perfect combo! If you got rid of the middle pink and the light blue on the end you would have a nice colour set, but you would then be limiting yourself with colours and the more the better when making grannies I think.

    So, there you are.....that's what I would do....but it's all an individual thing and you might think my idea stinks!!!!!! ha ha!

    Lovely that you got to meet up with Ashley and Rose! It's nice to finally meet a person in 'real life'!

    Enjoy your day today....and your crochet!!!!!

    Vanessa xxx

  5. Ooooh also had another idea.....

    If my idea to change that pink to a brighter one isn't for you, and you wanted more muted tones like in the print...I would take out the the end blue on the middle row (which incidentally is my favourite shade in yarny world) and put a pale green there. It will soften it all up and make the middle pink blend in better.

    Just a thought!

  6. Love the colours of the wool, Sarah and the quote - very true! How lovely that you met Ashley I have been following her blog - just seen her lovely patchwork chair. You are right her daughter is gorgeous! XX


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