Tuesday, 19 April 2011

21 Years Ago Today....

My beloved Granddad died 21 years ago today....

This is my Mum, Granddad and me and was taken on my 16th birthday:

Not sure when this was taken, probably around when I was born in the '70's:

Granddad and I utterly adored each other, he and Nanna lived in Doncaster and we in Nottinghamshire and every chance I got I would go and stay with them.

I have such wonderful memories of my time spent there being spoiled!!

When we moved down south in 1988 Nanna and Granddad came with us to live and sadly not long afterwards Granddad was diagnosed with lung cancer :0(

I miss him very much - our eldest is named after him.

Love you Granddad....


  1. He has a friendly face :) I spent every weekend with my nan until she passed away when I was 8. The hardest thing was getting used to having free weekends. I didn't know what to do with myself. I miss her lots too.
    Ashley x

  2. that black & white photo is classic. evil cancer took my gramps too (bah!).

  3. Aww, what lovely photo's. He looks a lovely man. You could just give him a hug!
    I bet you had a wonderful time staying with him and your nanna.

    I cherish the memories of my grandparents as well, they were lovely.


  4. Lovely photos, hope youhave a good day remembering him x

  5. Hi Sarah.

    Thanks for your message on my blog - it's lovely to meet you.

    I only had one grandpa but wasn't as close with him as you were with yours. I love that you've named your son after him; testament to an obviously wonderful man.

    Your 'CK' bag is gorgeous, you are clever.

    Heather x

  6. Dear Sarah, What a sweet blog post about your! I never had the chance to get to know mine as they passed when I was a baby but I was extremely close to my grandma. What a blessing that was. I feel sad for children who have grandparents and don't get the chance to really know them, you know?
    Thank you for visiting me on pink Saturday. Sorry I'm only now getting around. Actually, I'm helping my friend whose parents live in London and are not doing well. She left to help out and I'm holding on to things here with her daughters.
    So love your blog!


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