Thursday, 21 April 2011

A Forgetful Squirrel? And Blogging With Meaning....

First of all, I must show you something.

Hubby got around to cutting the grass and as it had grown rather long he managed to scalp parts of it!! In doing so though, we found several little areas like this:

We have four mature trees in our garden and I think the squirrels that live there must be a little forgetful!! We have a hazel too and the squirrels have been diligently collecting the nuts and storing them for the winter and have then gone and forgotten all about them!!

Blogging With Meaning....

I've been thinking a bit about my blog, and as much as I love to show you around our home and garden and share with you the things I have made, I also want to use my blog to explore "deeper" things. 

Although I love to write I often lack inspiration and so I did a bit of a Google for journalling prompts and found Daydreaming On Paper - this site has daily journalling prompts and it also has an "Inspire Me" button that will randomly generate a prompt for you.

I think this could help my blog have more meaning.

So, in future as well as crafts, shopping, house and home I will try and write more about family, life, love and the universe!!

Why do you blog? I'd love to hear....

S x


  1. Hi
    I blog for two reason. First I was inspired to blog by reading this article
    about finding something every day to be grateful for and taking a photo of it, and I interpreted it for myself to be "blog about"! So every post I find something to be grateful for.
    The other reason is since starting crochet (sounds like a religion) I have found reading other peoples blogs so enjoyable, and inspirational and aspirational, so thought I wodul give it a go myself
    Good luck with your new venture
    Oh, and also, I have always been a frustrated writer, and thoughtthis might be a way of "starting to write" again

  2. Haha, silly squirrel! lol
    Good look with the prompts, its a great idea! :)
    Ashley x

  3. I stumbled into blogging last year after I decided I wanted to learn how to crochet. I love the friendships I have developed with people, some in Australia where I live and many in other countries.
    Everyone has something to say, something to share, achievements to be proud of and what better way to do it than in the land of blog. I have found people to be very supportive, encouraging and fun, and who doesn't need those things in their life?
    I don't know about where you live, but where I live in Australia, the sense of community has long gone due to people working and having very busy lives. Most of my girlfriends work and I don't, so catching up with them is hard. Blogging provides me with a community that I need in my life and I LOVE IT!
    Happy Easter,

    Anne xx

  4. i started blogging when i moved to connect with my family & friends, so they could see & share my experiences. i've always kept a personal journal. still do, it's a different form for that. now i feel blogging is a way to connect with people from all over the world.


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