Friday, 29 April 2011

Don't You Just Love A Wedding?

I must confess that despite having mixed feelings regarding the Royals I have been sooooo excited about this wedding!!

I think it is because of all the Royal family Princes William and Harry are probably the most down to earth and well loved. They seem connected to us as their people more than any of the older generations of the family.

I also remember very clearly watching Diana and Charles marry when I was just a little girl of 9, I remember William being born, and him losing his mother so young.

So, it was with great excitement I awake this morning to prepare for the wedding!! We had family over to watch, with a traditional English "afternoon tea" (allbeit in the morning!!) and we sat glued!!

I must confess to having a blub several times throughout the morning, beginning with when William and Harry left for Westminster Abbey.

Kate's dress was just stunning!!: 

Look at that train - a statement but not stupidly long:

As Kate reached the alter William whispered "You are beautiful"....

Breaking with tradition Kate and William kissed not once, but twice on the balcony of Buckingham Palace:

And so they became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge....

We celebrated with lots of good things to eat - from front back we have Nephew; Son #1; Neice & Son #2:

We watched the action unfold on the BBC and in HD the images of Westminster Abbey were just breathtaking as was the sweeping music.

We do do pomp and circumstance so very well in this country and I have to say that I feel very proud to be British today....

I hope you are all having a lovely day?

S x


  1. I love her dress, so beautiful! And didn't William and Harry look smart? Aww, its so sweet that he whispered that to her! :)
    Ashley x

  2. I really enjoyed watching this wedding all the way from Australia. It was a lovely wedding and so lovely to see everyone out and about enjoying themselves and celebrating.
    Anne xx

  3. Oh my, your wedding feast looks scrumptious. Yes, it was quite a day.


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