Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter - Where Do You Blog?

Happy Easter my sweeties!! I hope you all got at least one lovely egg? I was super surprised by Hubby with this:

I didn't expect an egg because I don't know when he sneaked out and got it - we're very lucky as Hubby works from home and the only time he has been out this week was on his motorbike and with tight leathers and no topbox goodness knows how he got it home!!

I didn't get him an egg, instead I bought him these froggy pants (don't worry it's not a link to Hubby wearing them, just the pants on the Asda website!!)

We have a running joke because I insist on buying him all manner of Kermit themed t-shirts which he moans about but then wears anyway (so I reckon he secretly likes them!!) My favourite of which is this one:

When wearing this one Hubby always gets lots of attention from the ladies (including a whole hen party when he went to collect a takeaway!!) and therefore we call this particular Kermit top his "Pulling T-Shirt"!!

Where Do You Blog?

I took a picture to show you where I usually blog:

Sat in "my corner" which is on the old sofa in the conservatory with the coffee table in front of me - to my left is a wall of windows overlooking the garden and Hubby sits at the dining table (you can see his chair and coffee in the background, I made him move while I took the pic as he was making the place look untidy!!) 

If I am not out playing with the ponies or in my sewing room I can be found in my corner....

Where do you blog?

Hope you are having a lovely weekend....

S x


  1. Happy Easter! :) That looks like a yummy egg!
    I blog in the only chair that we have! lol Well, kind of. We live in a studio apartment, so its pretty small. There's the desk with OH's desktop PC on, with a desk chair. Then there's the breakfast bar which is the only table top area, which has a stool on either side. And then there's *my* chair. I use it most as I have a little Eee PC. There's actually a hole wearing through on the arm of the chair where I lean my elbow. Next time we're all tidy I'll take a photo using OH's fisheye lens, you can literally get the whole apartment in the photo with it! lol
    Ashley x

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I'm blogging from by bed at the moment with a morning cup of tea. BLISSSSSS! I'm enjoying the Easter Monday public holiday, the sun is shining with what promises to be a gorgeous day.
    A bibly is an Australian marsupial which is endangered. If you go back to my post, I placed a link to the word bilby. The link colour is only slightly different to my normal text colour so it's a bit hard to see.
    Anne xx

  3. omg that kermit t is soo funny! & terribly embarrassing. does he know u showed us that? he must really luv U sarah! ;) where i blog depends on my mood, or where i am. last few days it was in a hotel room. sometimes it's the couch or love seat, art room, bedroom...


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