Monday, 25 April 2011

Been Busy With The Makes....

Today is my little niece Evie's 5th birthday - she is the first girl in our family in the last seven births so is thoroughly spoilt:

Isn't she just gorgeous?

I am chuffed because Evie seems to have the Horsey Gene that I have. Both my boys don't have it so it is lovely to have a child that loves horses as much as I do. She got lots of horsey presents and next week she is having a pony party for her birthday and I am hoping that my sister will now let her have riding lessons (I bought her her first lesson last year but it was decreed she was too young by her Dad, lol).

We met my Sister, BIL, nephew and neice along with Nannie on the common near the seafront for a picnic. I made these to take (this was just the first batch I made lots more!!):

Double Choc Chip Cookies

I don't bake very often as I am trying to lose weight *rollseyes* (even though since Christmas I have struggled to get my head back around it - I managed to lose 2st before December but just can't get in the right headspace ATM).

These cookies worked out really well, they aren't pretty but they had just the right about of crunch and gooeyness.

You need:

200g brown sugar (I only had demerara)
200g white sugar
200g butter
450g plain flour
100g dark choc
100g milk choc
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 x eggs

Mix the butter with the sugars, add the egg and mix. Stir in flour and chopped up chocolate. Add vanilla.

Drop onto a lined tray (I lined mine with silicone liners) and bake in batches for 10-12mins at 180 degrees C.

Makes about 20 cookies, so if you are not baking for a family picnic you might want to half it!!

I made Son#2 a school bag:

I finished a crochet cushion:

TBH I am not crazy about the colours but I wanted to use it up and I like the wavy pattern.

And I completed the trim on my plain white pillowcases:

I got the idea from You Go Girl's tutorial but I just looked at the pic and did my own thing rather than following the pattern so I am not sure the shells are exactly right. I liked the idea of bright cotton crocheted onto plain white so that's what I did.

I also finished a dress this weekend, though I am not happy with the pic of me in it so I will show you that another time!!

Hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday?

S x


  1. Those biscuits sound delicious! I'll have to try them out soon, I'm always on the look out for the perfect biscuit/cookie recipe :) They look even more delicious as I'm craving sweet things! lol
    I love the bag! That cushion is great too, that wavy pattern is amazing :)
    I can't wait to see the dress too :)
    Ashley x

  2. Hi Sarah, sounds like you have had a great weekend and your makes are gorgeous.
    Thankyou so much for your comments over at mine . I can only view your blog on my sons laptop as it won't load correctly on my computer(happens with several blogs frustratingly !!) I will try and pop back for a visit when I can, off to read a little more before he wants his laptop back :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. sarah those cookies look delish, that little niece delightful. i want a pony party too (virtually stomping my foot)! that sounds soooo super fun.

  4. Little girls and horses just seem to go together, don't they? I love the colors in your cushion, it reminds me of the sea.

    Could you send one of those cookies to California, please? =)

  5. I love the cushion and those pillowslips are gorgeous. You've just given me an idea on how I can liven up my pillowslips.
    Anne xx

  6. Those cookies look SO yummy!!
    I'll have to have a go of them with my youngest. He loves to bake. :)

    Really like the bag you made, I've only attmepted a tote so far, but I like the flap over (saddlebags?) bags alot.

    Great cushion cover. I wish I could get the hang of crocheting, I just don't seem able to get a good tension. :(

    I love the idea of the bright trim on your pillow cases.
    I love crochet edgings.
    If I could get to grips with it, I'd love to crochet a lacey edging round a tablecloth I have.

    Hope you can show the dress soon. The last one you made looked great!



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