Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sweet Peas and Magazines....

Yesterday Hubby built me a little bed to house my sweet peas:

Last year I had three little plants and they gave me a small vase of fragrant blooms from June-Sept. This year I have planted, ahem, 36 plants!! In front of them my dahlias have gone out so this is going to be the "cut flower" bed. I'll post further pics as it grows....

I have only recently become a reader of Country Homes & Interiors and Country Living. I love all the gorgeous interiors and find the magazines a huge source of inspiration but I do wonder if it's those of us that yearn for a country home that actually buy the majority of copies rather than those lucky individuals that have a country home?

This is the new issue, I couldn't believe how *me* one of the homes featured is:

I love this sofa with the Greengate quilt used as a throw - I am definitely going to do this on the elderly sofa in our conservatory. 

We have a running joke as we always have family cast off sofas (in fact we've never had a new one!!) - we've had three of my sisters sofas and one from my Mum!! Indeed, next time my sister shops for a suite I think we should go along as well to approve it!!

The conservatory sofa came back with my sister from America 10 years ago and is a huge tweed affair but it becoming worn on the cushions so a beautiful quilt like the one above would be a perfect solution.

How much Cath Kidston can you spot in this pic?:

And after seeing this one, I am now wanting a CK tablecloth for the conservatory table:

Their gorgeous conservatory:

After being hopeless with money in our youth I think we are probably stuck in our 1970's semi - but it is in a very quiet cul-de-sac; on the edge of the countryside; not overlooked; has a nice garden, perfectly sized for us and I am busy covering the interior with shabby chic loveliness.

Maybe one day I will get my Edwardian rectory with an AGA, open fires in every room and the horses in the garden but until then it's all good....


  1. Oh my gosh, I know you Sarah B! :D I get so confused by all of our lovely shabby blogs:) Hope you're having a great time blogging! I love that pic on the cover of the magazine. Might need to run out and find it.
    Sigh...wish I were in the U.K. right now! Have a beautiful week...Suzanne

  2. Love your cats, are they Siamese? I have a Burmese, she's the second after having two Orientals. I'm sure they will be pretty vocal.
    I know what you mean about blogging - I started last year and love the connection with other crafters.

  3. I love getting magazines :) I subscribed to Sew Today mostly for the discount at Sew Direct, but now I find myself looking forward to the magazine coming each month :)
    Ashley x

  4. I think the fact that you own a home in today's economy is fantastic! I live in a rented 400 square foot apartment so you're miles ahead of me! I love, love, love that couch!

  5. You are so lucky to have your own home as I know so many in your country do not. We own our home and I am so grateful. Housing prices as they are now means that our girls will probably never have their own home.
    I can see you are enjoying being creative in making your home special to you with decorating and gardening. Enjoy. :)
    Anne xx

  6. Beautiful blog.

  7. How great to grow your own sweet peas for the house. :)
    I live by the sea now and can't grow alot of plants due to the salt, but I would love to have a pretty garden again.



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