Saturday, 16 April 2011

Joining the "Define Your Blog" party....

I recently found the lovely blog Modern Country Style and decided to join in the "Define Your Blog" link party.

It was late last year that I discovered blogs. I mean I knew they were out there but I didn't really "get" it. Someone gave me the link to Posy as they thought I would appreciate her style. Soon after I joined Blogger and learned how to follow all my favourite blogs. 

My list grows by the day and I love to sit with cup of tea to hand to see what my favourite online ladies have been up to. Of course after becoming an avid blog reader it was inevitable that I would want a blog of my own and so "Shabby Chic Sarah" was born.

I was a bit ambivalent about it begin with, having a feeling I was "talking to myself" but as I have gathered a little following I am enjoying it more and more and look forward to the day when I hit 50 followers so I can have a give away!!

I want to use this blog to invite you into my life, to show you my makes and my treasures and to fulfil to a small extent the writer in me (always wanted to be a journalist).

And now before this post becomes too wordy, lets have some photos.

This week was my Mum's birthday, and as is the tradition my Sis and I took her out. This year for the first time my neice joined us too:

Apologies for the quality, the waitress took it and hadn't zoomed in so I had to crop it lots!!

We went to Brasserie Blanc which is Raymond Blanc's bistro for lunch.

A couple of years ago Hubby and I went to Le Manoir Raymond Blanc's fine dining restaurant for lunch and so I was excited to be going to the bistro. Msr Blanc says "If Le Manoir is a fine waltz, then Brasserie Blanc is the Can Can".

I hate to say it but I was a tiny bit disapponted. It was very fishy. I Don't Do Fish. The surroundings, staff and atmoshphere were perfect and my starter (Beetroot and Watercress Salad) was yummy but the main course of Confit of Pork with Flagoulet Beans (which was the only meat option on the set menu) was just not my thing. The meat was a little fatty and not as tender as I had hoped and the beans were a little bland. Sorry Raymond.

They did let us bring a cake for Mum though and we had a slice of that with a nice latte for pudding and that was lovely.

My Sis and I - she Doesn't Do Hugs so always looks a bit tense in photos as I am a Very Huggy Person:

We don't look alike much do we? I always hide behind friends and relatives to give the impression I am smaller than I actually am!!

See the dress I am wearing? I made it!! As you know I recently taught myself to sew after years of thinking I was incapable and this is my first garment made of a stretchy knit fabric (which is meant to be tricky to sew) and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out:

The fabric was a bargain from eBay and so this dress cost me about a fiver!!

I'm going to do a couple more in a different print as I think it is pretty flattering on my rather voluptuous (love that word!!) frame and also is like wearing a nightie it's so comfortable.

I am doubly pleased it turned out OK as I had lost my clothes making MoJo after the last few garments I made were a disaster (one I spent ages on and then hated as it was super unflattering and then two other disasters involving shortages of fabric and fitting issues) and it had really put me off making clothes.

Lastly, just a huge welcome and thank you to my new followers - I can't tell you how chuffed I am when I see my little counter increasing and to let you know that I truly appreciate you stopping by. Do leave a comment, especially if you have your own blog that I can explore!!

Have a good weekend!!
S x


  1. I LOVE your dress, very chic :)
    I love blogging for the same reason as you, I like to share. I also felt like I was talking to myself for the first few months, then I got a following of my own and a couple of regular commenter's and its really encouraged me! I've also found that I really enjoy writing! The only writing that I had ever really done was essay writing, so it was a surprise to find that I actually enjoyed the writing!
    Shame about the restaurant but at least the pudding was yummy! :)
    Ashley x

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you did. Love yours.

    Love the patchworked wallpaper wall, it's utterly inspired. That dresser you got for £4 from ebay must rank as one of the best bargains ever in my opinion.

    Your dress is gorgeous. I'm in the middle of making a top but have come to a difficult bit (something to do with yokes!) and so it's currently on hold - bah!

    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  3. Hey! Found your blog from the D EFINE party, and I love it! You r frank, honest, and that is just the type of life sharing blog that I love to read! So add one more follower to your counter, sister! Love the dress and the word voluptuous!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I found you via the sewing forum, which I joined recently.
    I can't sew, am an absolute beginner (although I do cross stitch) but am hoping to learn.

    I think your dress is wonderful and it fits perfectly. I'm really impressed.
    Well done!!


  5. I love the dress - you look fab in it :)

  6. Hiya
    I feel exactly the same way, I have recently discovered blogs and started my own, and SOOOOOOOO feel like I'm talking to myself, which is Ok,but I was relieved to read yours. The dress is lovely- nice one making it!!

  7. What a lovely blog name you have. I always think all the best people are called Sarah!!!

    It's lovely hearing about you getting going with your blog. The early days of blogging can be a bit of a heady mix, can't they? If you need anything, I'd be more than happy to give you a hand.

    That dress is BRILLIANT!! It fits so perfectly. And a fiver is a BARGAIN. And the dresser too? Also a bargain. I'm starting to be a bit jealous of your ebay skills!

    I've joined as your new follower.



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