Friday, 22 April 2011

Noteworthy Things....

Five Noteworthy (to me anyway) Things That Have Happened In The Last 24 Hours....

  • The bluebells in our front garden are blooming - I love bluebells and every year make sure we walk in the woods to see the carpets of them. Then a few years ago a few clumps appeared out of nowhere in our garden.

  • Jasper (pictured above) who is a housecat, escaped from his garden pen and refused to be caught. He skipped around the neighbours gardens and when I finally managed to get hold of him, he sunk his claws in my shoulder, I dropped him and he trotted off thinking he was the cats pyjamas.
  • Bear also escaped but he allowed us to catch him straight away as he can't resist the chance of a cuddle.

  • My dahlias are growing. It's my first time planting them and they look so uninspiring when they come out of their packet - sad little bulby, rooty things. After a few days on the conservatory windowsill tiny, tiny shoots began to appear and now they are growing before our very eyes!! 

  • Son#2 (right) has had a friend sleep over and the two of them and Son#1 have been up and down all night. Literally, ALL NIGHT. Letting them have fizzy pop and sweeties before bed was Not A Good Idea.
What noteworthy things have happened to you in the last 24hrs?

S x

PS Happy Good Friday....


  1. Haha, silly kitties! Chasing them must have been fun :)
    Hmm, noteworthy things? Well, I managed to miss the very top of my forehead when applying sun cream yesterday and now have a very red hair line *blush* yes, I am that careless. lol Oh and when we went for a walk we sat down on some grass near a mummy duck and her ducklings. The ducklings came over for a look and came really close! So cute! :)
    Ashley x

  2. Hmmm..noteworthy things...went to Holy Thursday mass at our church's new building...took a day off from work...and planted beautiful flowers in the garden! I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. So glad you joined us in the world of blog land Sarah. Enjoy the ride.

  3. Your Siamese kitties are gorgeous! The only noteworthy thing that's happened to me is a nice new rat cage for my ratties Buggy and Simone.

  4. Hi Sarah, Jasper & Bear are beautiful! As, of course are your sons too. Lovely post. x

  5. You have gorgeous cats but obviously one is a bit of a scamp.
    Noteworthy things. I finished crocheting my first sock. That's pretty amazing for me, just have to do the other one now.
    Anne xx

  6. hello, and nice to meet you!
    Thanks for visiting my blog - and congratulations on starting your own...fee ♥

  7. luv ur blue bells n texas we call em bluebonnets


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