Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mod Podge Madness!!

I've recently discovered the magic that is Mod Podge!! 

It has provided a solution to the problem I was having with my dressing table, which I had painted and covered with the  Cath Kidston Antique Rose wallpaper that I have on one wall of the bedroom. I needed something to protect it and didn't think varnish was the answer so when I discovered Mod Podge I thought it would be perfect as it is made especially for decoupaging.

I gave the dressing table and the chest (which belonged to Hubby's granddad) a couple of coats:

I'm now finding myself eyeing up other things with the intention of covering them with CK and Mod Podge!!

S x


  1. That's absolutely gorgeous! I've never heard of mod podge, looks fun stuff to play around with :)
    Ashley x

  2. looks fabulously shabby chic sarah b!

  3. Oh that is absolutely beautiful!
    How nice to be able to look at that everyday. It's so cheery and pretty.

    I had never heard of Mod Podge either and I had been thinking of covering some of our bathroom furniture with wall paper to brighten it up, as it's just been 'refashioned' from other furniture I was disposing of.

    This could be just the answer.
    Would it still work in a damp type of climate?


  4. Lostinblue - I would say it would be fine in the bathroom as long as you do a couple of coats. If you sand lightly between each coat it gets rid of the brush marks and gives a lovely smooth finish.

    S x


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