Friday, 13 May 2011

And The Winner Is....

I have used a random number generator and the winner of my giveaway is Sarah @ Modern Country Style!! Well done!!

Many thanks to everyone who entered!!

Yesterday we had this little guy in the conservatory:

At first I thought he must be terrified but he was soon sat up there trying to eat my fake rose garland!!

We opened the French doors and it wasn't long before he found his way out.

He was very sweet and pretty - but I still had to stop myself fretting about superstitions to do with birds coming into houses!!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

S x


  1. Wowee!! THANK YOU so much, Sarah. I'm extrememly excited. ;-) Thank you. Thank you! Thank you!

    I so enjoyed your reminiscing post about toys, by the way. I had that dog AND that tree house!!! It was brilliant to see them again.


  2. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks so much for visiting me and becoming a follower! I'm a follower of yours now too. I had dreamed of having a screened in porch for YEARS! In 2007 - the year before we retired - my hubby said "Let's get the porch!" We replaced an old, worn wooden deck and we couldn't be happier. It's a dream come true for us. Now that we are retired and aren't spending 14 hrs away working we can really enjoy our outdoor space free from bugs and the sun! Maybe one day you can have a home with one too. I've never been to England or Europe either. My hubby stopped in London once on his first and only trip to Europe for business. He brought me back a cute teddy bear from London.

  3. Oh wow!..cute visitor
    Love the 'rose light'? is it in your conservatory any more pictures would love to see them
    Will do the light pattern and a couple more in the week found a couple more sheets of the right colours so think l've made enough to finish one light tomorrow
    Hugs Suz x

  4. Love the fabric you used in your conservatory! I am so blessed to have been a part of your journey toward having your own blog! I have been terribly neglectful of my blog of late due to terrible internet where I currently live. I will be moving to a new location in July and am so happy because I will once again be able to be a regular among all the lovely blogs I so enjoy visiting. Will be popping by again as soon as I have proper internet capabilities. Till then, happy blogging!

  5. Such a cute little visitor. I adore birds. :)

    Congrats to Sarah on winning the giveaway.


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