Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How Was Your Weekend?

After all the wedding fun on Friday we had a lazy day on Saturday - I did a bit of sewing (finished another maxi dress which I'll show you another time) and then on Sunday we went to watch my little neice Evie's "pony party" for her birthday (which was on Easter Monday).

Getting the reins sorted:

I must confess it was all a little chaotic - Evie adores horses (I always say she has the "horsey gene" like I do) but some of the guests who attended (ten little girls!!) were not so sure and so there was quite a bit of crying, and mums having to run in and out. And then, one of the little girls was sick. 

Now, I haven't mentioned it before but I. Don't. Do. Sick. I mean I. Really. Don't. Do. Sick. 

I have what is known as emetaphobia - a fear of vomiting. When I was pregnant with Son#2 I was sick for the whole 9 months and admitted 9 times to hospital to be rehydrated as I couldn't keep anything down. This has left me with my phobia.

So - after I realised the little mite had been sick I was off like a shot and came straight home!! To me staying there meant I might catch whatever had made her ill and due to my phobia I couldn't risk it.

I have tried all sorts of treatments for my phobia, but nothing works and it does have a big impact on my life :0(

Anyway, I called my sister later and it transpires that in the end all the girls had a good time. I'm hoping that my sister will let Evie have lessons now. I really want to nuture Evie's horsey gene as my boys are not interested and it would be lovely if Evie could one day ride with me.

Just before I leave you let me show you this pic of Jasper and I:

I was doing a quick bit of hooky whilst dinner cooked and Jasper came for a cuddle, he really snuggles in and you can't help but stop and sink your face into his velvety fur.

(Please ignore the frizzy hair, I neglected to use the GHD's today!!)

S x


  1. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear of your phobia :( It must've been terrible, I bet you were so glad when you son was finally born! Glad the girls had a nice time in the end though :)
    Aww, I know what you mean about sinking your face into their fur, its so soft and warm :) I love cuddling my brothers cat, he's a long haired cat so he's super soft!
    My hair is ridiculously frizzy!! my OH jokes that he can use my hair to tell how humid it is! I've started using mousse (just wilkos own brand stuff) and its done wonders!! :D
    Ashley x

  2. little evie is beyond cute!

  3. Poor you! I really feel for you over this. Phobia's are awful. They can really affect lives. :(

    You couldn't have been at mine this past week as youngest has been bad with a bug and I've been up early hours washing duvets and covers and pyjama's.

    Love the cat picture! Jasper looks so regal and velvety!



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