Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Yarn Bargains....

Hello my lovelies - I hope you had a nice weekend?

On Saturday we went over to Christchurch to visit my Stepmum and my little brother Jojo. Jojo is 8yrs old and so 30 year younger than me. We hadn't seen them since before Christmas as Stepmum is always booked up at weekends and works full-time and the time had just run away with us.

We had a nice afternoon with yummy food and good company.

On Sunday Hubby was was out all day racing his radio-controlled car and so I had a lazy day involving several episodes of Desperate Housewives (I am catching up with seasons 1-4 which I missed) and a trip to Hobbycraft.

Hobbycraft had some lovely Sublime Baby Kapock half price at £1.99 per ball and a 1.5m remnant of Tanya Whelan fabric:

Better pic of the fabric:

These seemed to slip into the basket as well:

Who could resist at £1.00 for two bags?

All gobbled up now though!!....

S x


  1. Lovely yarn and fabric :) Yum, I love mini eggs, didn't get any this year though. I'll have to look for some going cheap somewhere :)
    Ashley x

  2. Oooooooh I bought a whole bunch of that yarn last week when I was in Hobbycraft! It was a steal for such fabulous yarn!!! Who can resist the colours?!!!!!!


  3. That yarn looks faboulous as does the material. What ya gonna make?
    Anne xx

  4. Ooooh! I may have to go to Hobbycraft!

  5. Hi thanks for popping by...looks like a great buy you got there...Hobbycraft used to be quite close now it's miles away..shame
    Hugs Suz x

  6. What a fantastic buy that yarn was! I'm dabbling with crochet at the moment, I can do the stitches, it's just going up a row in the round and getting my tension spot on that seems to be my problem at the moment.

    Any plans for the fabric yet?



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