Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Crochet WiP's....

Today I thought I would show you what I have on the go crochet-wise.

I wanted to make the lovely blanket from the Cute And Easy Crochet but I got to 50 squares (the blanket requires something like 432!!) and was bored senseless, so now they have turned into a couple of cushion covers. Need more cream to finish off:

Now this cushion was crocheted with Kool Kotton which at £1.50 for 50g is a bargain, it is 50% cotton/50% acrylic and is lovely and soft - I've made a cardi with it before. 

I also started this in it:

Which is hopefully going to be a ripple blanket following Lucy's pattern over at Attic24 - I say "hopefully" as if I get bored it might well turn into a ripple scarf!!

I'm also going use the Sublime Baby Cotton & Kapok for this that I got on Sunday half price. Interestingly, although the Sublime is a lot more expensive (£3.99 a ball normally) it feels and crochets much the same as the Kool Kotton.

I had a play and made these:

I just love sitting and doing these, it's a shame I can't make a blanket out of hearts - they are so easy and quick and after a couple you can do them without looking at the pattern - which I found at Sarahndipities (OMG, I love that name, wish I had thought of it!!)

I did a load on Saturday night in trusty Stylecraft's Special DK and made them into a garland which I strung on the inspiration board in my sewing room - must remember to take a pic.

I'm also crocheting a lace trim in pink around a pillowcase for my little nieces new bed but I forgot to take a pic of that too (scatterbrain!!)

Have a lovely day....

S x


  1. Guess what I am doing this morning? Making a start on sewing up all 432 squares!!!!!! Have done 5 rows so far, so stopped for some lunch, a cuppa and a quick computer flirt!!!!!

    I did think about making some cushions to go with it....doesn't seem that bad after doing so many squares for the blanket!!!!!

    The hearts look lovely...they are quite addictive arn't they?!!!! i still havn't decided what to do with mine.

    Right time to crack on....90 squares sewn up, 342 left to do!!!!!!


  2. Lovely! Thanks for the links to the patterns too, I'll have to have a go after my exams are over. Remind me! :)
    Ashley x

  3. Lovely, lovely crochet Sarah. I think 432 squares would do my head in, so a cushion is a good compromise. I'm loving those hearts and just might try making some tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your creativity.
    Anne xx

  4. Is the ripple blanket suitable for a relative novice? I'm very tempted to have a go at one of these.

  5. my goodness sarah, what nice, pretty things you crochet!

  6. Hello! I found your blog over on Tales From Cuckoo Land. I am going to start this springtime throw soon - I was just thrown by the amount of yarn that you need for it so have been checking out different yarns for it.

    Love your blog - I've only just learnt to crochet and still struggle hugely with some bits and bobs. Pop on by if you get a chance, I waffle about all kinds of rubbish!

    Nicki x

  7. This is fantastic Sarah! Really gorgeous work. I really wish I could get the hang of crochet, I love it!



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