Monday, 30 May 2011

Car Boots & Barneys....

Hello!! I hope you are having a nice bank holiday despite the gloomy, grey weather we're having - it's a bit of a shock after all the glorious sunshine we have had, I expect it's getting ready for the long school holidays when the weather is always rubbish!!

On Saturday Hubby (who from here forth will be referred to as "Mr Grumpy"), myself and the kids went to a local car boot sale for a mooch around. We are newbies having only ever been a couple of times but I can definitely see how one can become hooked. I managed to pick up four lovely pictures for a fiver and a deep, loose bottom cake tin for £1 and W (son#2) got a couple of DVD's and a cheeseburger!!

As we were leaving Mr Grumpy and I got into an extremely heated debate about the best way home - it was firey but fortunately short-lived although I did have to track the two routes online to find out I was indeed correct!!

When we finally got home I made a chocolate chip and raspberry cake with my new tin:

Whilst the cake was baking I arranged my new pictures (which are part of the move to make the lounge more shabby-chic) - firstly I drew around them onto paper and the arranged the paper on the wall in a pleasing fashion:

This way I knew my arrangement was spaced properly and looked good before Mr Grumpy (love it!!) banged in nails:

The embroidery in the centre with the ornate frame was done for us by my Mum and given to me on the morning of our wedding - I love it. The rest were my car boot finds - I want lots more to fill the wall.

Today's barney was due to me wanting to go and take advantage of B&Q's special offer on paint and buy some antique cream to do the lounge and Mr Grumpy refusing. I usually get my own way but I did spring the idea on him and so I'll have to leave it for a week or so to sink in!!

We did nip out and I got a new lampshade, in a bid to introduce more pink:

It was from TKMaxx supposedly reduced from £48 to £5 and looks very pretty when the light is on.

What've you been up to?

S x


  1. What a great way to decide on a picture arrangement! :) Thankfully, we aren't allowed to make holes in our walls, or OH would be drilling away till we had no walls left! lol
    I love car boots! :)
    Ashley x

  2. I am so jealous! I went to a car boot sale for the first time in my life today and had a whole host of things I was looking for, 'pretty pictures for the wall' was top of the list! Could not find a thing! I am planning on doing exactly the same as you in our living room - love the way you sorted the arrangement, I'll be copying your method of making sure your hubby got it right!

    Also, I agree with Pink Milk on the previous post - Antique Cream on the walls (it will look lovely with your fab wallpaper) and you can go with some lovely pink, duck egg blue, cream and neutral cushions on your sofa - lots of!

    Thanks for all the crochet links, that's an enormous help to me. I'll refer to those when I come to putting the squares together.

    Nicki xx

  3. Hi Sarah..Peonies from Tesco...they have sold them on and off for a few months now
    Pretty pink shade..another TKMaxx bargain hey? lol
    Hugs Suz x

  4. Love that pink lamp!
    It's so pretty.

    I was looking at your room on the previous post and agree on the cream walls.
    It'll make the wallpaper more of a feature and because it's neutral, you can introduce colours through crochet cushions and doilies etc.

    I bet it looks beautiful when it's finished.


  5. Hi Sarah, Just popped by to say CONGRATULATIONS you have won my giveaway. Please can you contact me to let me know what colour case you would like and what name you would like written on it. x


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