Sunday, 22 May 2011

Today, Meet Daisy & Milo....

Today I thought I would introduce Daisy & Milo to you. They are our Jack Russell Terriers. 

We are recent converts to JRT's. For many years I didn't really like them and indeed since owning them have realised that they are Marmite dogs - people ask what breed you have and when you say "JRT" they either screw their faces up as though there is a bad smell or go "Ooooooh" and go on to tell you about a particular JRT that they love.

The boys & I had been trying to persuade Hubby to let us have a dog for years and when we moved the horses to the stables we are at now there were three JRT's, one of which was a pup and very cute plus the stables was sooooo dog friendly (they are allowed to pootle around as they please) that finally Hubby agreed but he only wanted something small.

So, one evening we told the boys (who were then 8yrs & 6yrs) that we were going out and we took them to look at a litter of puppies. The boys chose Milo who was the smallest and the only tan dog in the litter:

He is really tiny, perhaps the smallest JRT I have ever seen and has the shortest legs. He is a really, really good boy with his only fault being he escapes out of the garden so has to go out on a tether!!

He is a sensitive little chap, always has to check with me first if Hubby tells him to do something to see if he really has to and is ruled with a rod of iron by Daisy:

We got Daisy a year after Milo. I was very naughty and got her without telling Hubby as I knew he would say no!! He was very cross. For a couple of hours!!

She is little too, only a bit bigger than Milo. She was meant to be smooth coated too but not long after we got her she started becoming fuzzy and was soon a broken-coated JRT.

She is VERY BOSSY. She henpecks Milo terribly (he doesn't seem to mind luckily). If the horses start scuffling (sometimes they will argue over food) she has to become involved, running round them barking - oblivious to the fact the horses could swat her off like an annoying fly.

She is devoted to us, but hates other people and dogs. She is good with our cats and used to adore Gizmo, the Tonk we lost in a road accident and they would play endlessly.

Their Favourite Place In The Whole World is the stables. They don't have leads as they are just allowed straight out of the car to roam around when we get there so they get excited when they see put on socks because I only wear socks with my yard boots!!

They such a part of the family I couldn't imagine not having them, even though they do yap quite a bit (particularly Daisy!!) and make a dreadful mess sometimes....

Tell me about your pets?!!

S x


  1. Very sweet ! How very naughty of you to go and get another dog without telling hubby, he he !!
    My hubby didn't want a dog either, he finally agreed one saturday morning and by that evening we had got Mr Dudley. I have just posted some pics of him on my blog last night. xx

  2. Aww, adorable! I love your description of their personalities :) We don't have any pets here, but my brother has a ginger cat back home. He's adorable and quite a character :) He recently found his way into the drawer where the catnip is kept, and managed to empty it all over the drawer. He wouldn't stop rolling around in it and refused to get out of the drawer! lol
    Ashley x

  3. Very sweet! We don't have pets but we did look after my brothers Labrador yesterday and I'd forgotten how lovely it is to have a dog. She followed me everywhere all day, while I sat sewing at my machine to me going to the loo! Thank you for visiting me at my blog it's nice to have you there x

  4. Lovely doggies. We have a crazy dog called Bonnie and two cats, Hari and Julio. We will be getting a Jack Russell soonish too.
    In answer to your query on dolls, you could have a look on here .There are tutorials on there, but she does mainly fabric hair. I sew the wool on my dolls from a centre parting which takes ages, so not sure if it is the best idea. Give me a shout if you need any more help though.

  5. Awww, look at those cute faces! Who could possibly resist. They are adorable! :)

    We have a dog, a staffordshire bull terrier who we got from the breed rescue, a budgie, a hamster and a stick insect.

    It took me 7 years to persuade hubby to have a dog, he really didn't want one, but now we have her he adores her and he is her very favourite person ever! I have to talk him into any pet, he would rather not have any, and yet they all seem to adore him!
    How does that work?


    I'm having alot of problems commenting on blogs at the moment, it seems blogger is still facing some issues. The only blogs I have no problems with is the pop up comments ones, but I read on another blog that you can still comment on the embedded ones if you comment as name and fill in your URL. Just mentioning incase others are having problems as well.



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