Friday, 27 May 2011

Decorating Dilemmas - I Need Your Opinions!!

As you may remember I have been gradually spreading the floral goodness around our little house and until now have been kind of banned from "Cath Kidstoning up" the lounge.

But, I really am not happy with the way it looks and know I can get my own way ;0)

So, I am wondering if you have any tips on how I can shabby-chic up this room:

I'd rather keep the wallpaper as it has only been up a few months and I can't face redoing it - but I hate the teal paint on the chimney breast (always have) so am thinking of going paler, sort of a dark duck egg? 

The rest of the walls are currently "Biscotti" which is (unsprisingly) biscuit coloured - I fancied off white but when I did a tester it didn't go with the flowers on the paper which are definitely cream. So, would an ivory paint be better?

Do you think I could get away with introducing a bit of pink? Curtains (which I want to change)? Cushions?

Above the large sofa I want to do the mismatched picture frame thing like this:

(from Google Images)

So what do you reckon? Any ideas on how I can make this not very vintage teal room look a bit more "me" without changing everything?

Have a lovely weekend....

S x


  1. i think u answered ur own question. paint the teal wall, sew up some new curtains, (they don't have to be pink, but they can have pink in them), and change some or all of the couch cushions. if it isn't torture for your husband, maybe have him accompany you to the fabric store. compromise on what you both like for material, (for the cushions & curtains). remember u both have to love ur home since you both live there. or ignore me completely & do what u want anyway. ;)

  2. i don't know if u have heard of claire, but her blog & style seems similar to yours so i'm sure you'll find inspiration there.

  3. I have no idea (I'm rubbish at stuff like that), but I can't wait to see what you come up with! :)
    Ashley x

  4. Hi lovely,

    Your giveaway arrived this morning! Thank you so much. It was like having my birthday, opening all your beautifully wrapped presens.

    Shabby-chic-wise, I think you should paint the whole room, apart from the wall-paper, the palest cream you can get away with and then use a very pale version of the teal throughout the room as accents. And could you possibly move the tv to that lovely white cupboard with the lamp on it and have a big shabby mirror up on the fireplace wall instead? I don't know your budget but you could think of having a white painted fireplace put in....

    Just a few thoughts. ;-)

    I can't wait to see how you get on.


  5. You need some crochet cushions in Cath Kidston colours, some lovely granny squares and a big crochet throw on the sofa. !! xx

  6. Hi Sarah,
    My suggestions is you take a look at this blog You may have to trawl through quite a few posts but I think you find some of the images very inspiring and help you find the look you are after.
    To save money you can paint the base of your lampshades. From memory Wendy from the blog "The Shabby Nest" has a tutorial on how to do this. Check out the archives. You could either recover or add new shades to update to a Shabby Chic look.
    Good luck,
    Anne xx

  7. I agree with repainting the teal in a lighter colour - either a paler blue or perhaps to match the biscotti walls.

    How about a couple of throws on the furniture?

  8. Hi Sarah! I think the wallpaper looks fab! What about continuing it on the tv wall as well and getting some lighter curtains, maybe in a biscotti colour to pick out the light bits in the wallpaper? I'm sure whatvever you pick will look lovely though! Enjoy the long weekend! OOh by the way just seen your floorboard question-we always use Dulux Diamond white eggshell paint which is meant to be 20x tougher than any other!!! x

  9. Ooh, love the wallpaper. Totally agree with you about lightening your 'focal wall' and would definitely go for a vintage cream for the rest. My most favourite colour combination in the world is pink and blue and I think splashes of pink (light or bright) would look stunning.

    Get thee to CK girl!!! ;-)


  10. Do everything this woman does!! She is amazing! I'd also paint the wall the softest robins egg blue ever..or go w/ the cream in the flowers. The horse pictures must go. Light wispy curtains would be lovely too!!


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