Monday, 15 August 2011

Drawers & Bedside Table - Makeover Time!!

If you visit my house at the moment make sure you don't stand still too long as I am liable to give you a coat of paint!! 

On Saturday I gave a chest of drawers and a bedside table a little makeover.

This was the chest of drawers before:

It was a cast off from my sister and I had painted it cream. This time I mixed my own colour using 2 x parts Annie Sloan Old White; 1/2 part AS Duck Egg and 3/4 part AS Provence. I love. love, love how it has turned out:

Please excuse the ratty carpet, we're hopefully having white boards next month....

I really love this paint, so much so I feel bad about telling you all I was a bit disappointed after painting the little shelves!! It's lovely to work with, goes on in one coat and distresses like a dream with the help of a foam sanding pad.

I redid the knobs by decoupaging them with Cath Kidston flowers. I had done them before when the drawers were cream but the cat (yep, the cat!!) had chewed the decoupaging off!!

The bedside table I am not loving quite so much, I should have painted it white first I think so when I sanded it back some of that showed as well as the pine:

I have a computer hideaway cupboard to paint today. Much of our furniture is painted so I am busy re-doing it all in Annie Sloan!!

In other news, W called this morning to say the campsite they are at is fabulous and he is having a good time - I thought he sounded a tad subdued but maybe that's just me being a neurotic Mummy?

Do you know I told my Mum I was expecting for the first time and she said "You'll never have peace of mind again" and blimey, she was right - I have worried about these boys since the second I found out I was expecting them!! 

Hope you've all had good weekends....


S x


  1. Sarah! It is gorgeous! The bedside table too! I like the colours, it is a lovely alternative to cream, which I often play safe with. The wallpaper! Sigh. I want it. I think you should have your own shabby chic furniture emporium, you are so good at it. xxx

  2. Wow, you have been busy! Love the makeovers....think I need you over at mine to work your magic!


  3. Wow, I love love love the chest of drawers! They're like something right out of a Laura Ashley show room!!

    I think the bedside cabinet is wonderfully rustic but you're right, the white underneath would have made it more shabby chic. I do still think its lovely though, but I love a bit of farmhouse rustic!


  4. sarah, they look marvelous! :) you are quite handy dandy.

  5. They look fantastic! You're getting to be amazing at doing these makeovers, you should go into business.

    Glad W is doing ok, he'll be back with you before you know it.


  6. Just loving your makeovers Sarah. You are on a roll eh?!
    Anne xx

  7. Oooh, love it. How about a post with all of your furniture makeover 'after' photos sometime so that we can all swoon and drink in the loveliness?! I'm sure I remember reading not long ago that you were trying to sneak in more pretty CK stuff without Mr G noticing... I think you're doing a fab job! I could look at that photo with the made over chest of drawers, the wallpaper, lamp and little chair for ages... beautiful.

    How did you decorate the knobs? Little tutorial perhaps?

    (Sorry I've been quite demanding on this comment haven't I - I'm just so blinking envious!)

    Nicki xx

  8. Your home is growing more and more lovely by the day! Magnificent!

  9. looking cute sarah! don't be short of something to paint....I've got plenty up here.
    My #1 son is away with grandparents of a friend this week - totally with you. I'm missing him terribly (and hoping he's brushing his teeth!)
    fee x

  10. Oh wow!
    I love them! Would I be right in thinking that duck egg blue is your favourite colour of the moment..!? haha
    I cannot wait until we are in our own house and I can get on with some decorating, I've not had much experience... but am dying to learn!
    Sorry.. I might sound completely stupid but what is 'decoupaging'?! It looks lovely and sounds a lot cheaper than buying CK drawer knobs, so do please tell! I'd love a tutorial too! :-)

    Ashley xxx

    (Thank you again for my banner, I'm getting lots of compliments on it..!)

  11. Beautiful blue!
    I think painted furniture has so much character and personality...

    Betty @ Country Charm


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