Saturday, 20 August 2011

More Vintage Heart Art (with Hot Glue Action!!)....

Hello, lovelies!! I hope you are all having a nice weekend?

A few weeks ago I won a lot of vintage pearly & glass buttons on eBay and due to the arrival of my hot glue gun yesterday I finally I got around to doing something with them:

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to avoid 3rd degree burns and a huge mess when using a glue gun? I've even had to pick it off my laptop!!

I also recovered my lampshade as I felt I needed something to pick out the raspberry in the wallpaper:

I love the evening light in our bedroom....

Next on the list is repainting and recovering the chair - I am going to make some hexagon patchwork fabric to cover it with I think....


S x


  1. Ooh, pretty! I love buttons :) And your bedroom is gorgeous!
    Ashley x

  2. awww your bedroom fills me with cozy homely warmth- its soooo sweeet ;0)x
    you must have the most beautiful home ;0)
    beautiful button card hearts- love them!!!!
    i have been naughty this week and bought a dresser top unit for my kitchen-- oh my im so excited!!!! cant wait to paint it up!!!!!

  3. Love the card, it's very simple but very pretty at the same time. Lovely.
    Again... I lovvveee your wallpaper. One day I'd like to have something similar myself!

    Ashley xxx

  4. Very gorgeous, I love those buttons!!
    Is that a ReBorn baby I spot on your chair????
    Have a fab weekend. Your bedroom looks lush.
    x x

  5. hi, just spotted your wallpaper, Is it from Cath K or the one like it that i have seen at wallpaper direct? I have just ordered a sample very like it although in white. Thinking of putting it in my downstairs loo! xx

  6. How come you made those dolls???? I am of a slightly mixed opinion about them - I think they are amazing works of art but sometimes wonder who buys them, collectors or "other" people, not sure... Amazed you used to make them, god is there anything you can't do?!?!!!!
    Hee hee re the Toblerones. If you and I ever meet, we could have a Toblerone stand off!!!!!!!
    x x xx

  7. Such a sweet and simple idea with the buttons.
    And your bedroom is beautiful, too.
    And yes, I think 3rd degree burns are mandatory when using hot glue gun.

  8. Thanks for your comment on my silly post of the day today!!!!
    YES I saw that Fake Baby doc, that's what freaks me out.
    But totally different for NCT classes etc.
    Fascinated that you made them, must be a real work of art.
    Now they have veins and can breathe. KERRAZY!!!!!
    Hope you having lovely weekend. I've just spent an hour asleep in the garden, never been this lazy. It worries me!!!!!
    x x x


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