Thursday, 1 September 2011

August Project Mosiac....

Lots of furniture painting and a little bit of stitching!!

Mr G is off work this week so I have been a bit absent from blogland, apologies for that!! On Tuesday we had a picnic at the stables and the boys (all three of them) were horrified because I shared my roll with Crofter (our elderly grey pony), well actually I think it was the cloud of flies that accompanied him that horrified them most!!

Yesterday we went to see Harry Potter - very good it was too, I think all of the films have been very faithful to the books and I confess to being a little emotional that it's all over (how sad am I?!!)

Today we have painted the stairs and landing white and the boys room blue. W was a star and cooked pizza and flapjack to keep us going - at 11yrs old he's turning into a right little chef and this holiday has learnt to make cupcakes, rice pudding and flapjack all by himself - we of course supervise the oven bits.

Next month we hope to have white laminate flooring down upstairs and are having my Mum's lounge carpet for the stairs - it's not really a colour I would have chosen (being brown) but it's as good as new and free so will have to do. Our cats will ruin it within a year anyway (they insist of sharpening their claws on the top and bottom stairs!!)

It's amazing the difference a coat of paint can make, however the state of the carpet leaves a lot to be desired, I knew Mr G intended not to be too worried about drips on the carpet but blimey, you should see it!!


S x

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  1. Love anything shabby chic to, white laminate flooring should be interesting, so used to seeing brown! Good news about getting a free carpet, even though your cats will use it for their claws! x


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