Thursday, 2 June 2011

From Fugly to Fabulous!! Chair Re-Upholstery....

I have been hankering after a patchwork chair such as the ones I have seen on t'interweb, so when I saw this fella on eBay I bid and got it for a tenner. 

It's just the sort of little chair I was after, a low chair similar in style to a Victorian nursing chair - but as you can it was seriously in need of recovering:

I spent all day yesterday giving it a makeover:

I am very pleased with it as it is my very first attempt at sewing a cover like this!!

I couldn't find a tutorial so I had to work it out for myself. I was going to remove the original cover, dismantle it and use it as a pattern but as I prised the staples off the underside it became apparent that that wasn't going to work as the fabric was fragile and the inside of the chair was full of loose bits of stuffing.

Plan B was to pin greaseproof paper to the chair and then draw around it to make a pattern. I cut these out and then retired to my sewing room where I made patchwork fabric big enough for each pattern piece.

I cut these out and stitched them together using a 1cm seam allowance. When I had the back piece and the seat piece finished (but not stitched together) I put them on the chair for a fitting and then sewed them together too.

I have stapled the bottom of the cover to the underside of the chair as I wanted a tight fit but I could have hemmed the bottom and left it completely loose.

Whilst I was working away I had Desperate Housewives playing on my laptop and managed to watch 8 episodes!!

Today, my Sis and her kids are coming over so chaos will reign!!

S x


  1. What a cute little chair! I love how you got the pattern for it too, such a clever idea! :)
    Ashley x

  2. WOW! I can understand why you are so happy with the result. I'm a bit scared of making anything fitted but I have some dining chairs in desperate need of help. One day.
    Anne xx

  3. Oh that is SO pretty! You've made a fantastic job of it. Well done, I would never have thought it was your first ever attempt.
    It looks spot on!


  4. That looks fantastic!! you've done a great job, I think you should be very happy with your new chair! Think i might have a go at something similar, just got to find an ebay bargain!! haha
    Have a fun day with your sister and kids! cheers Julie:)

  5. Wow! You're so talented to do that!
    And 8 episodes of desperate housewives- that made me LOL

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment. Your chair looks fab! x


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