Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Little things....

I must show these flowers that I picked from the garden today:

Aren't they gorgeous? The roses grow in the front garden and this year there are lots of blooms and so I persuaded Hubby to let me cut a couple to bring indoors (he doesn't approve of cutting flowers). The bush was here when we moved in (11 years ago this month) and we do nothing to look after it except prune it (badly) once a year.

The flowers are so sweetly fragrant I couldn't resist bringing them in to grace a jam jar (has there ever been a more perfect vase than an empty jam jar?)

I also picked a few of the pink flowers from the back garden (that you tell me are a kind of geranium, thanks for that!!) and I was rather naughty and leaned across to rustle a couple of our neighbours cornflowers.

Last year I sowed some wildflower seeds containing daisies, cornflowers and poppies but only a couple actually came up (poppies) which was disappointing. I've sown a similar mix this year in the gaps in the flowerbed but not much doing so far.

I can't tell you how pretty these simple flowers look on my coffee table, completely free and guaranteed to make me smile whenever I see them....

S x

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  1. Ooooh love the flowers! I grew tulips for the first time in my garden and was really very tempted to pick them and bring them indoors as they were so beautiful. But I realised if I did that, then my garden would be bare! So I went and sat outside most days whilst I sipped a cuppa just to admire them! I love little bunches of wild flowers in a vase. Soooooo pretty!

    Have a super rest of a day!


  2. Beautiful! Don't you just love the satisfaction from growing your own flowers? :)
    Ashley x

  3. Oh I adore that. Don't they look just so pretty in that jar. :)
    I was admiring the crochet mat as well. Is it one you've made yourself? It's lovely!


  4. Our roses are still in bud in Oxfordshire. Trying not to be jealous of your gorgeous ones!!! And you're so right - they look completely perfect in that jar. So romantic and pretty.

    We have those cornflowers in our garden. They spread like anything. I'd say you were doing your neighbour a favour!!!! ;-)


  5. I love flowers in jam jars, so simple but so effective. Your roses are stunning. Just ignore hubby and pick flowers to your hearts delight. :) Gardens are for us to enjoy inside and out. Shhhh, don't tell him I said that.
    Have a lovely day,
    Anne xx


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