Friday, 27 May 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane - Toys....

Toys I Loved As A Child

Using the Random Prompt Generator over at Daydreaming On Paper to give me the idea I would like to share with you some of my favourites from my childhood.

Fisher Price Pull Along Dog

This is one of my first loves!! He was made of wood and when you pulled him along his ears waggled. His stickers all became damaged (I recall I left him out in the rain) and so I took him to school where they helped me paint him brown and varnish him!!

Fisher Price Treehouse

OMG, I just LOVED this!! The top of the tree would shut down to hide the house and you had to press a button on top to get it to pop open. There was a slide from the kitchen to the bottom.

When our boys were tiny I tried to get one on eBay for them but they were going for almost £100.

My First Sindy - Ballerina Sindy

Just looking at this picture makes me smile, mine was the brunette and I got her for Christmas when I was five. I loved her and went on to have many Sindys. You were either a Sindy girl or a Barbie girl and it was definitely Sindy for me. My sister had Barbie.

Sindy's Horse

Due to my "Horsey Love Gene" I naturally had to have a horse to go with my Sindy - mine was bay and my sisters was grey. I also had the stables; jumps; horsebox; carriage....

My Little Ponies

In about 1984 My Little Ponies came out and I was desparate for one. I remember going to Debenhams in Nottingham and getting Minty my first My Little Pony. I had bout ten in the end including a baby and and a beauty salon for them!!

Commadore Vic 20

Haha, look at that!! That was our first home computer. We got it for Christmas when I was about 11 or so. Dad was a computer programmer and he made a program that had Santa appear and ask Sarah and Samantha (my sis and I) if we had been good girls!! It had taken him about a month to write whilst we were in bed each night.

The games came on cassettes and the graphics were extremely limited - we would play "Blitz" and a Dracula "adventure" role play game that was just words, no graphics at all!! We loved it!!

Pooh Bear

The toy I loved best was Pooh Bear - here he is on the left with me and my sister and her ted in about 1977. He wasn't a Winnie the Pooh but I called him Pooh Bear anyway. I was about 2-3 when I was given him and he wasn't new then. I adored him and he became very well loved. Over time he lost his legs; the stuffing out of half of one arm; had a hole in his chest which showed his straw filling and just one ear.

When I was 19 my Dalmatian puppy ripped him to shreds whilst I was in the bath and I still miss him :0(

Which toys did you love most?


  1. my bro had that treehouse! i would steal it & play with it. my aunt sewed me 3,4, or was it 5 homemade pooh bears. i loved them so much their arms would fall off. when i taught preschool i would hunt garage sales collecting "my little ponies" for the children in my class to play with.

  2. I have the fisher price dog.....loved him to bits as a child. I always wanted the tree house but never had one. Very selfishly I was at my friends house because she had one and I just stayed in her bedroom and played with it and not her!!!!!

    I was more a cindy girl than barbie and had the horse to take her riding.

    My favourites were the babies that were made that had proper heads like real babies and not just looking like dolls! I had a couple and took them everywhere. Their heads smelled f strawberries for some reason so we all used to cuddle them and sniff their heads!!!!

    I had a Huggy Bear that I used to take everywhere and he hugged round my bike so I could ride with him.

    I had the my little ponies, and also the snuggle bums! Do you remember them?


  3. I'm guessing we must be of similar age as I had all those toys, my little pony was blue and called blue bell. My favourite toy was a cheek a boo bear that sucked its thumb. xx

  4. I had the treehouse as a child and the school, I think they were the things I played wirh most. I was also a Sunday girls and had her four storey mansion! I was a very lucky little girl, but I looked after my toys well and passed them on. Wish I'd kept them now!

  5. I loved my treehouse. Also had ballerina dark hair sindy and space sindy (with pink hair) as gifts and was given the sindy brown horse which I still have at home - he has a plastic mane and tail though -not hair.
    Also loved my Huggy bear too and My Little Ponies which I still have too - Bluebell was my first. - Was a simpler time for toys I think the 80's. Some today just scare me.

    And had the Commodore 64 too - a good idea at the time, but a pain to use.

  6. I think we had the same childhood lol...I also had the tree house the Sindy (Brunette pink/purple skirt) and the Commodore Vic 20 (with frogger lol) fave was a fisher price record player..a teddy from my cousin (still have him)...tiny tears..carry and cristopher (two tiny twin dolls) and a blythe doll which lets face it were kind of scary.


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