Monday, 8 August 2011

Fabulous Freegle!!

Hello, my lovelies!! Did you all have a lovely weekend? 

We had our best man & usher and their wives over for dinner on Saturday, we take it in turns every 2-3 months and we did a Mexican themed meal - nachos; quesadillas; fajitas and margaritas!! Yum!!

Yesterday my sciatica was settled enough for me to re-upholster the top of my vintage dressing table with the new fabric and make the skirts. I calculated how much fabric I needed three times and still have ended up with almost half left!! How on earth did that happen? Maybe me failing maths 3 times has something to do with it - I knew I should have got my Sis to check it.

Hope to have the reveal for you soon, just trying to source a braid to trim it that I like.

I've had a couple of fab things from Freegle lately, I have been hankering after a vintage tea trolley ever since I saw one of the lovely bloggers I follow re-do one beautifully (my memory is rubbish and I can't remember who it was so do shout if it was you) and was kicking myself for not buying one I saw in Barnado's for £12.50 because the starting prices for the ones on eBay were in the region of £40!!

Imagine my delight when I saw one listed on Freegle, I emailed the owner and she picked me to have it - yay!!:

Mr G thinks I have taken leave of my senses and has banned it from the position above (under the lounge window) but so far I haven't moved it so am hoping he'll get used to it. 

The plan is to spray paint it cream and decoupage the trays in something floral before artfully arranging some knick knacks on it. Mr G doesn't see the point. I told him not everything has to have a point. So there.

I also got these today off Freegle:

I wanted to dry some hydrangea flowers but our plants are teeny and only have two flowers - so I put a wanted ad on Freegle and a lovely lady offered me some of hers. Aren't they beautiful? You can find out how to dry hydrangeas here. 

Finally, I got my swap parcel from the magic ball swap that was kindly arranged by Hookin' with Laalaa - I was partnered with Pink Poppy and she sent me some lovely things. 

A magic ball is a ball of yarn that has treats and gifts wrapped up in it - the idea being as you knit/crochet the little gifts fall out along the way:

However, I was rather naughty as I couldn't wait so I unravelled my yarn in excitement!! Look at my fab haul!!:

Thanks so much Pink Poppy!! I love all of it!!

Anyway, I must be off as I am going to paint the sideboard with my fancy Annie Sloan paint, I shall report back henceforth....


S x

ETA: It was over at Teawagon Tales I saw the beautiful madeover tea trolley!! Thanks G4C for reminding me!!


  1. Sarah the tea trolley is fab. I so want one of these. I love the hydrangeas too. They are one of my favourite flowers. My pink one was a bit poorly, so I moved it to another spot in the garden and it has picked up and is growing back lilac! Fab.
    Glad you got your magic ball and liked the goodies.

  2. Despite of what Mr G thinks I think it is fab!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. lovely post ;0)x from the sound of things you had a great weekend, how lovely x hydrangeas are sooo pretty at the moment in my next road towards the park- pretty pinks- i keep wanting to ask the people who live there if i could cut some and take them home ;0) hehe x
    my mum used to dry all sorts of flowers and hang them in the kitchen.
    love the tea trolly how fun!! x

    i love your book you sent me- you are so sweet x

  4. Oh what a great find! Love the idea of the magic ball swap. How fun!

  5. Glad you're feeling better. Think you saw the tea wagon over at Jane at
    Good luck decorating it- I have no doubt you'll make it look amazing!!

  6. Love your trolly-I just cannot find one. (the Mister would go mental if I got one, but I might hide it somewhere!) I haven't heard of Feegle, so will be checking it out...
    Also love the hydrangeas- such gorgeous flowers. Good idea to source them for free.
    Have a great week.

  7. So glad you are feeling better Sarah and are able to get out and about doing the things you love. I love the yarn hiding the presents. I think I'd be a bit like you and have to unravel it immediately.
    Have a great day,
    Anne xx

  8. hello fellow teawagon owner :) re your question about paint, I spray painted one and handpainted one, spray was better finish but was a 'bugger' to do, both worked ok though
    have fun :) x x x x

  9. Just chuckling at your blog. The point is, it is cute and lovely. They don't get it sometimes, bless 'em.
    Ta for your comment. If you get the duvet, the double is not as big as I would like. Not sure if there is a kingsize though. But it is pretty. I bet you would love Zara Home too. They do lovely floral bedding. Sadly, we don't have one here.
    I loved your last post. You both are gorgeous and what a lovely story. x

  10. I love the tea trolley, my aunt used to have one. I can't wait to see how it looks by the time you've finished sprucing it up :)

    Love those plants, the blooms are so pretty.

    I also thought the yarn with the gifts was a great idea. Such fun!



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