Monday, 18 July 2011

100th Follower Giveaway and Other News....

In fact as of just now I notice I have 117 followers!! I saw I had nearly 100 a week or so ago and started to think about a giveaway and in the meantime the figure has gone well past!! 

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for reading - in the beginning I was ambivalent about blogging as it felt like I was talking to myself a little, but I soon gathered a little band of followers and regular commenters and I really started to enjoy myself.

Blogging has made me stop and take a little time to enjoy the everyday things in life, take more photos and just enjoy "being". 

The lovely Cuckoo hits the nail on the head when she says "Isn't it lovely how the worst part of that day is now the best because it has become a funny story. That's one of the things I love about blogging. Lately when something is totally going wrong and frustration levels rise I think to myself "Oh this will make a funny blog story" and then things feel less difficult."

So a giveaway is in order!! I have a copy of "Home Sweet Sewn" by Alice Butcher & Gillian Farquhar up for grabs:

As well as the lovely tea & egg cosy set there are some lovely things inside to make - look at this apron:

Machine embroidery of your house (I really want to do this one):

Cute heirloom doll:

And lots more!! To enter:

  • You must be/become a follower
  • Leave a comment below
  • A mention of the giveaway on your blog gains another entry
Name out of the hat on Friday wins, simples!!

Before I go and fetch H from school I must show you the cake we (W and I) made yesterday. Mr G and I fancied a plain old-fashioned Victoria sandwich with strawberry jam and whipped cream:

Mr G helpfully pointed out that it wasn't going to win any WI prizes!! 

This is what happens when you underwhip the cream because you hate it too stiff and your husband is too impatient to let the cakes cool properly and persuades you to assemble them forthwith - when your back is turned the top layer slides gracefully off and lands on the table (well, it nearly did we caught it in time and re-positioned it so I could take a pic to show you!!)

It did taste yummy though, despite appearances:


Hope you have a good weekend....


S x


  1. sounds to me you're really enjoying the blog world- isnt it lovely- ive really enjoyed my 3 yrs! i do too love photography and since having a blog it really inspired me...i love blogs like yours too- they're a real inspiration.

    wonderful book ;0)...count me in.
    i can see why you have a lovely number of followers ;0)
    that cakey does look yum... ;0)xx

  2. What a cake!!!! At least it has risen, unlike any of mine!! I can almost taste it and am starving. Gorgeous!
    I can't sew for toffee so am not going to enter your giveaway. Can't BELIEVE your number of followers, I remember when you had so few, you couldn't be sure blogging was for you. Now look!!!
    Cuckoo is right, it's spot on!
    x x

  3. Yummy cake! I love Victoria Sponge.
    Please add me to the give away draw. I`d love to win the book it looks lovely.

  4. Your cake looks really yummy, reminds me of some of mine! I'd love to enter your giveaway please. Congratulations on all your followers. Lesley x

  5. Congrats! :) Ooh, yummy cake! The book looks really fun, it'd be great to try something different.
    Ashley x

  6. How do I see my other followers? Google Reader?? What is that???!!!1
    By the way your book for the giveaway is lush, just wanted to explain why I won't take part, would much rather a sewing bloddie won it.
    I remember ra ra skirts first time round too. Hope you are all well and how is the dressing table coming on??!!!
    x x x

  7. I'm not surprised that you have so many followers now... you have a really lovely blog to follow. :-)

    I won't be entering the giveaway as I already have this book myself..! I haven't actually made anything from it it yet... surprise surprise!

    Don't worry about the cake, when I was pregnant I baked a cake and the same thing happened.. I didn't let it fully cool down and the top slid off. I was so hormonal at the time that I had a complete emotional break-down and burst into floods of tears! It does look very yummy indeed.

    Ashley xxx

  8. I love reading your blog as much as you enjoy writing it. At the begining it does feel like you are talking to yourself.
    Loved the cake I'm sure it tasted very nice!
    Julie xxxxx

  9. Ha! I made exactly the same 'mistake' with a Victoria sponge I made for the husband's birthday a couple of months ago. (I say 'mistake' because although strictly you're meant to allow the cakes to cool before sandwiching them with the cream, I think they taste AMAZING slightly warm with whipped cream and jam - like you say, they just won't be winning any beauty contests!). Y-um, I could totally eat that now. All of it.

    Anyway, I would love to take part in your giveaway please! Lovely looking book and I'm learning to sew. (I bought a copy of 'Me and My Sewing Machine' the other day. Husband keeps sniggering when I read it but I don't care!)

    Nicki xx

  10. congrats on the 100 followers!
    Like Gem, I wont enter, because I can't sew :(
    I love the quote about a bad part of yoru day being good to blog about

  11. Me please :)..I love your blog!


  12. I love your cake, I remember my very first Victoria Sponge cake attempt, I rang my sweet Nanny and asked her why my cake wasn't rising, I told her that I keep opening the oven door and checking but nop, it's not doing anything!! she then explained that I should leave the oven door alone...tee hee, thankfully mine do rise now:-)

    I know what your husband means about whipping the cream though, I made Eton Mess last night for us and my little ones were singing, why are we waiting....come on cream...WHIP!!!

    I've only just started to follow your blog, it's magical.

    Luv Bee x x x

  13. Shouts "I'm in!!!!"

    Weeeee heeeeeee!!!, I got a special mention, I feel famous now doll!

    Yes what's this google reader followy thing you've mentioned to Gem before over at hers?

    That cake looked yum scrumdumptious, the best sort of cake is the sort that looks a bit crazy and tastes divine. Sadly I have done a few that looked quite good but tasted shocking. Shame on me!

    Talking sewing, I want to get some navy and white spotty cotton to do 'that' dress, have you seen any anywhere that you think will work well?


  14. Congratulations on all your followers Sarah. It's no surprise to me 'cos your blog is gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  15. So, I had been thinking that you hadn't updated your posts for a while and then I look, and discover that bloody blogger has removed you from my following list.
    Sorry to swear but it is an absolute bugger at times.
    Sorry to swear again.
    Well am clicking 'follow' AGAIN. So hopefully we don't lose touch.
    Right, am off to read all the stuff I've missed out on.
    Glad to be back.

  16. Have calmed down.
    Cake looks lush- I love all that cream.
    And please can I be entered for the giveaway?!

  17. I can't sew, so I won't enter the giveaway, but thanks for doing one Sarah.

    That cake looks SOOOOO yummy! The sponge looks light and delicious and swimming in cream! What more could a girl want!

    Sarah what recipe do you use for your sponges if you don't mind me asking? I want to try out different ones until I find one that my 'a efficiency' oven likes!!


  18. Hi Sarah - your blog is lovely. I have had a cake end up like that when all the buttercream melted. Still tasted gorgeous though. Please may I be entered in your giveaway. Thanks Sharon Peters XXX


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